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Run(A)way film by Thang Dao (c) 2020 USA

Run(A)way depicts the psychological interior of those living in loneliness and isolation searching for escapism. Connected by their shared experience, the characters runaway to an imaginary world where they mask their reality and fashion a world that gives them a sense of community.
Thang Dao – Director
Thang Dao (In collaboration with the dancers) – Choreographer
Philip Knowlton – Cinematographer
Darryl Joseph – Composer

XO film by Shandoah Goldman (c) 2020 USA

a contemplation on closeness during the 2020 corona virus pandemic. A longing for the simplicity of human connection via a hug.
Shandoah Goldman – Director & Dancer
Wes Swing – Music

Variegated Light – Heart-First Slump, Tunnel, Mirror World film by Michael Koppl (c) 2020 USA

Michelle Koppl – Director & Dancer
Music – Dream Cave by Cloud Control, Dreamboat by Daniel Sohn, Borrowed Light by Perfume Genius

Dancing is an Old Friend film by Marta Renzi (c) 2020 USA

Two old friends re-connect virtually. One still dances professionally, the other only for pleasure. Like their friendship, their dancing manages to transcend time and distance.
Marta Renzi – Director
Leah Barsky – Writer & Dancer
Jennifer Tortorello Walker – Writer & Dancer
And Dancers, Inc. – Producer

Zooming – Pandemic Dance No. 2 film by Richard Daniels (c) 2020 USA

The film begins with an experiment for a dance on camera inspired by a technology with which we’re all now spending considerable time, yet takes another path as it absorbs a personal tragedy – the death of my cousin. I invite the audience to join me in a fantasy about life outside, and to consider the fragmented nature of a medium which has become a substitute for connection even during the most precious moments of human experience.
Richard Daniels – Director, Producer & Dancer

MA 108 film by Erika Vizbaraite (c) 2020 LITHUANIA

“MA 108″ is a short dance film in which through the prose-poetic haiku style, the moments of pause are revealed and raises the most important questions that we have already heard, that are constantly repeated and scornfully haunting us: “Who am I? Where did I come from? Where and how should I continue to be?”. Ma is a word of Japanese origin, meaning emptiness, negative space, gap, pause. 108 is the experience of the sacred formula of the Universe: the unity of everything (1), emptiness and silence (0), and infinity and eternity (horizontal 8).
Erika Vizbaraite – Director, Writer & Dancer
Goda Grigolytė – Writer
Baltic Productions – Producer

Cross Road #1 – Crisis film by Stephane de Stel (c) 2021 FRANCE

This sad story happened in a time and a world that no mortal can imagine.
Once upon a time there was a careless, raving with life, dreaming boy who just turned into a man,
who, using dangerous ways, became one fateful day a distinguished financial bigwig officer.
At that time, the earth had no more climate and The viruses still reigned
The earth revolted ! Help, finance is desperate.
Stephane de Stel – Director & Writer
Patrick Matteis – Writer & Music
ECCC Production – – Producer
PATMAY Productions – – Producer

h o m e b r e w film by Nadya Zeitlin (c) 2020 USA

This work explores the feeling of incompleteness when you meet with your friends and colleagues during the Covid era, frustration of measuring every step or move, keep your high fives and warm hugs to yourself.
Also, search for new ways to connect when physical touch is not accessible.
Nadya Zeitlin – Director
Raina Mitchell – Dancer
Sally O’Grady – Dancer
Lu Semenova – Sand Animation
Clan of the Cave Bat – Music

wish you were here film by Sarah M. Barry (c) 2020 USA

This short screendance is a collection of 13 solos performed by 11 dancers, edited to create the appearance of 2-4 dancers performing on stage simultaneously. It aims to represent the feeling of how virtual encounters both promise and fall short.
Sarah M. Barry – Director & Choreographer
Dancers – Chloe Bartine, Ansley Carr, Emma Dean, Hannah Hall, Morganne Hoffman, Sarah Osucha, Danielle Pope, Brelyn Reece, Madison Smith, Skylar Thompson & Katy Weske
Tyler Jones – Composer
Mark Barry – Cinematographer & Editor

In Your Room film by Alessandro Amaducci (c) 2021 ITALY

There is a storm outside. You dance in an internal space that houses the danger that comes from the outside. Protect your breath, but dance anyway. It’s your room. In your room.
Alessandro Amaducci – Director

The Torrent film by Kathleen Hickey (c) 2020 USA

Kathleen Hickey explores the concept of a dancer’s relationship with oneself while dancing among others, in her first dance film, The Torrent. Directed, edited, captured, and choreographed by Hickey, this film features six dancers grasping for balance, breath, and stability, while dynamic spirals, force, and nature shape their movement through various locations. The Torrent also features original music by composer Mark Jamerson
Kathleen Hickey – Director, Editor, camera Operator & Costume Design
Dancers – Alyssa Arreolla, Mackinzie Farnell, Michelle Hong, Megan Howard, Durga Keerithi Mandarapu & Kelly Penrose
Mark Jamerson – Original Score

Invisible Threads Part 1 film by Rick Guest & Kate Dawkins (c) 2020 UK

A new film from Director and Photographer Rick Guest and double BAFTA winning Designer and Creative Director Kate Dawkins, featuring former Studio Wayne McGregor dancer James Pett and the music of Mura Masa. Exploring the conflicting emotions of desire and fear, the subconscious need to be heard and the quest for self expression, this film poignantly mirrors this turbulent time of enforced isolation and its impact on the creative mind and spirit, through the medium of dance and cutting edge motion graphic design.
Rick Guest & Kate Dawkins – Director
James Pett – Dancer

white noise, an experiment in interruptions film by Kathleen Leiner (c) 2020 USA

Kathleen Leiner – Director & Dancer

OUT HERE film by Jenny Pommiss (c) 2020 USA

OUT HERE is an exploration of space in 3 short acts. Set to a poem and music by Robert Lopez, a woman traverses cityscape and country scape, searching for “the essence of what remains…. [and] the total absence of value”.
Jenny Pommiss – Director
Robert Lopez – Writer

Inside film by Natalie Haslam (c) 2020 UK

Together with poet, Henry Madd, this short video combines spoken word with movement to explore the theme ‘inside’. Created during the UK’s second lockdown, myself and Henry look at how it feels to be inside: inside the house, inside the mind…
Natalie Haslam – Director, Choreographer, Still Images & Dancer
Henry Madd – Poet

TA MARA film by Iwona Pasińska (c) 2020 POLAND

This production was inspired by the life and paintings of Tamara Lempicka. Principal photography took place in Park Mużakowski which has been listed on the UNESCO List of World Cultural and Natural Heritage since 2004. The Park is administered on the Polish side by the National Heritage Institute and on the German side by Fürst–Pückler–Park Bad Muskau Foundation.The film consists of two, polar opposite approaches to imagery, that merge into an ambiguous yet enticing portrait of a woman. One one side, TA MARA is overwhelmed by an artistic frenzy that awakens her inner demon, on the other – she is calm, frozen in a state of perpetual waiting. These extremes, similar to the sides of Muskau Park, form one single unity. The expressed movements of female dancers from the Polish Dance Theater team reflect the elegance, precision and figurality of Łempicka’s paintings. Tamara Lempicka was an exceptional artist – her paintings modern and full of vivid colors. She found inspiration in cubism, neoclassical paintings by Boticielli and motion pictures (which became popular in the 1920’s and 1930’s). Her lifestyle was as unorthodox as it was scandalous. Lempicka died in 1980. Her ashes, according to her will, was scattered above El Popo volcano in Mexico. Tamara’s paintings are continuously sought after by collectors and pop culture icons, including Madonna, Barbra Streisand and Jack Nicolson. Her turbulent life was dramatized into numerous extremely popular theatre plays. She herself became an icon, her art recognized as timeless. Only two of Tamaras Lempicka’s paintings remain in polish public collections: “Still nature” in the Mazovian Museum in Płock and “Lassitude” in the National Museum in Warsaw.
Iwona Pasińska – Director & Writer
Polish Dance Theatre – Producer

A Murmuration film by Zoe Katsilerou (c) 2020 UK

A short, screen-dance project inspired by notions of migration and dislocation.
Conceived, performed and choreographed by dance-theatre maker and performer Zoe Katsilerou, this piece explores the feeling of separation created by one being torn between more than one physical locations. Zoe was raised in Greece, lived in Scotland and currently lives in England. As a migrant, Zoe notices the shifts in notions of belonging, and the residues of places she has lived in as she moves on to the next one. “A Murmuration” is a creative response to these thoughts.
Poetry written by Hannah Godfrey in response to the choreography.
Zoe Katsilerou – Director & Dancer
Hannah Godfrey (hannah_g) – Writer

MEMORY THREAD film by Yoko Murakami (c) 2020 USA

MEMORY THREAD was created in May 2020, in New York City, during the COVID-19 quarantine.
In the spontaneously taped “web” in the hallway of an apartment, the concept of blurring is explored. The blurring of the body with it’s surroundings. Blurring of memories and reality. Blurring of the conscious and unconscious. Navigating a new and surreal reality by accepting, surrendering, and trying to find the presence within.
Conceived and performed by Yoko Murakami
Music by Maria Takeuchi

KARMA film by Michael Fuscaldo (c) 2021 ITALY

Karma is derived from the Sanskrit “karman”, which means “action, operation, acted”.
In the Indian religious and philosophical terminology, it states for the fruit of the actions carried out by every person, determining a rebirth that can change the social hierarchy and the destiny during subsequent life.
Regardless of the meaning of the word karma, we feel the karma linked to our destiny, which will be brilliant if the fruit is of virtual acts and pure thoughts.
The narration of karma is woven. It becomes the thread of a relationship between the very existence.
Michael Fuscaldo and his dancers will talk about this.
Michael Fuscaldo – Director & Writer
Marco Mancini – Producer

Carolyn Pampalone Rabbers – Director, Writer, Producer & Dancer
Mari Andrea Travis – Dancer

Radiobody film by Erinn Liebhard (c) 2021 USA

RadioBody is a collaboration with composer Mike Lauer exploring the jazz sensibilities and human toil and triumph embedded in the work of pioneering alt-electronic band Radiohead.
Erinn Liebhard – Director, Dancer, Choreographer, Producer , Costumes & Editor
Mike Lauer – Music Arranger
Cully Gallagher – Director of Photography
TJ Tronson – Drone Pilot and Additional Videography
Dancers – Nieya Amezquita, Doug Hooker, Amy Jones, Sara Karimi, Kelli Miles, Kathleen Pender & John Surber
Musicians – Greg Byers (Bass Guitar and Electric Cello), Ben Erlich (Drums), Mike Lauer (Guitar) & Andrew Long (Saxophone)
Kristoffer Olson – Production Assistant

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