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Aquarium film by Hannah Hamalian (c) 2018 USA

Aquarium is an experimental stop-motion animation in response to the filmmaker’s introduction to the Alexander Technique. The composition of the human body is interpreted through fractal geometric shapes whose connections are tested by mapping onto a thoughtless action: sitting in a chair. The red world suggests locating oneself in a darkroom, and pairs with a fragmented soundtrack to speculate about the possibilities of visual and physical embodiment. Limbs and pieces assemble and disassemble within a red pool, seeking unity between mind and body.
Hannah Hamalian – Director

인연 – Bond film by Lindon Shimizu (c) 2020 Korea

Here the dancer Yun Jung Lee move reaching out and osculating between inner ecology and the environment.
Lindon Shimizu – Director, Ambient sound &
Yun Jung Lee – Writer, Voice, Dancer & Choreography
Kio Griffith – Sound Artist

Vis-er-al (60sec) film by Polly Hudson (c) 2015 UK

Vis-er-al (Polly Hudson, 2015) is a single screen film that continues the artists’ series of solo works that draw upon her own lived experience as well as archetypal images, often drawn from the world of visual art. The work explores trauma on the body and psyche.
Polly Hudson – Director & Editor
Matthew Beckett – Director of Photography & Editor
Jon Constable – Lighting Design
Daren Pickles – Music

SOLUS film by Simone Wierød (c) 2017 DENMARK

SOLUS is a short dance film created from a questioning of our aim for the perfect, the alike and the synchronous. SOLUS is an experiment about perfection. It is an experiment rooted in the striving for the synchronous and the aim for being alike or to live up to certain standards that we experience in the world of today in terms of physical appearance, social status, career and personal life.
All roles are performed by the same dancer, which serves as an experiment on synchronicity and being alike as well as it serves as a subtle, poetic and symbolic comment on our time.
SOLUS is the latest in a series of artistic comments on society by Danish choreographer Simone Wierød, who uses her choreographic practice as a tool to understand and debate the present time. With SOLUS, she wishes to address a debate on the aims and ideals of modern society with an experiment that takes current tendencies to the extreme, with a poetic, physical and choreographic approach.
Simone Wierød – Director
Tim Panduro – Cinematographer
Anna Stamp Møller – Dancer
Dansehallerne – Supporters
Filmgear – Supporters

STAGES film by Ronald West (c) 2020 USA

Ronald West – Director
Clark Ivers – Producer
Steven James Rodriguez Velez – Dancer
Amanda Duryea – Dancer
Ronald West – Dancer
Natalie Morton – Dancer

Six Positions on Uncertainty film by Lionel Popkin (c) 2020 USA

A meditation on isolation, this movement rumination posits six scenarios and gestures, resonating with metaphorical and associative readings, to find ways to bring solidity to the uncertainties surrounding us.
Lionel Popkin – Concept, Creation and Performance
Robert Een with Hearn Gadbois and Valecia Phillips – Music
Marcus Kuiland-Nazario, Meena Murugesan and Lionel Popkin – Visual Elements

SHE film by Adele Thomas (c) 2020 CANADA

Based on the goddess myth Inanna, ‘She’ is a short dance piece of a heroine’s journey to truth. We follow along as a young woman
enters into the dark underworld where she must first face her own shadows… before being truly free. And just as the goddess Inanna
had to strip away the layers of her ego, so too must She. In this short film, a blend of dance and cinematography are used to tell the modern tale of Inanna.
Adele Thomas – Director, Writer, Producer & Editor
Kennedy Knopf – Dancer
Susie & Laura Bishop – Music Artists
Julie Kim – Cinematographer
Jay Clennan – Steady Cam Op:
Jon West – Drone Op
Sam Barringer – 1st AC
John Watson – Gaffer
Greta Hedley – Costume
Dominic Mann-Bertrand – Props
Lindsay Elliott – Stills Photographer
Marshal Chuppa – BTS Videographer
Garth Hodgson / Portable Junk – Intro Music

8×8 film by Maïza Dubhé (c) 2020 USA

A mind isolated in a small 8×8 room. As the body moves, boundaries between mind, body and time start to stretch and dissolve; the room becomes her mind. A movement-based exploration of the effects of restrictions and loneliness.
Maïza Dubhé – Director, Editor & Dancer

Oh Boy! film by Hadi Moussally (c) 2019 FRANCE

Based on the dance-piece “Oh Boy!” by Antonin Rioche
“Loneliness. For some of you, the word may not be very familiar, but the feeling, though, you know it quite well.”
Antonin Rioche & Hadi Moussally – Adaptation
Hadi Moussally – Director
Antonin Rioche – Choreographer & Producer
h7o7Films – Producer
Antonin Rioche – Producer
Benjamin Behrends – Dancer & Voice
Olivier Pagny – D.O.P. & Post-Production
Niels Plotard – Sound Design
Marie Scirocco – Fashion Stylist
Sean Suen – Fashion Designer
Hed Mayner – Fashion Designer

Shattered film by Leslie Dworkin (c) 2020 USA

Leslie Dworkin – Director, Choreographer & Dancer
Michael Wall – Composer

SECOND ACT RED MOTION | BONAVERI film by Luca Di Bartolo (c) 2016 ITALY

The dancer Eva Calanni dialogue with inanimate shapes in the BONAVERI Unipersonale production line, leading world company in the manufacturing of high fashion mannequins.
Luca Di Bartolo – Director, Writer & Producer
Eva Calanni – Dancer
Diego Morga – Soundtrack

Can you count to 100 film by Daphna Mero (c) 2019 ISRAEL

Can you count to 100?
Suddenly with no warning we were prisoners in our homes restricted to walk not far than 100 meters from our front doors. The count of ill and dead began, and it increases every day. We are globally under Siege of the Corona Epidemic’s.
I am dancing on the roof. Up there under the sky, where open landscape view meets the hard cement, birds fly freely. I try to fly with them restricted by the banister that prevents me from falling. I am counting from 1 to 100. My voice dictates the flow and rhythm. My movements are limited to 100, it ends there.
Daphna Mero – Director, Producer, Dancer, Chaoreographer & Editor
Avi Sharabany – Soundtrack and Sound Design

破戒・ Heresy film by Megumi Eda (c) 2020 GERMANY

This film was inspired by a novel about class system discrimination in Japan called “Hakai” by Toson Shimazaki written in the early 1900’s. I am also influenced by the “Black Lives Matter” movement that has pushed us all to think deeply about human rights. This story is set in my hometown, and this class-based discrimination existed there even when I was a child and I remember joining in on the prejudice without understanding what it meant. Later, I lived in Harlem, New York City for 15 years with my family. There, I learned to appreciate some of the complexities of racism and I have seen first hand the inequalities in our system that exist only because of skin colour. I made this work with the desire to learn.
Megumi Eda – Director
Andrew Griffin – Key Cast

JaZz’D film by Grigoris G. Gaitanaros (c) 2019 GREECE

A. Camus: Should I kill myself or have a cup of coffee?
Film Character: I ‘ll put some jazz first and then we see what happens…
A silenced dialogue between Albert Camus and a ‘’Jazz’d’’ film character.
Grigoris G. Gaitanaros – Director & Writer
Face the Fact Co. – Producer

Hands Talk film by Alena Tsygankova (c) 2019 RUSSIAN FEDERATION

AlenaTsss – Dancer and creator
Vera Afanasyeva – Camera
Evgeniy Chausov – Edit
Cream Soda feat. SALUKI, Nick Rouze – Music

Following Wildflowers film by Gemma Crowe (c) 2017 CANADA

A woman struggles to move through something intangible.
Gemma Crowe – Director, Writer & Producer
Jenna Mazur – Dancer
Natalie Ramsay – Music
Adison Macdonald – Camera Assistant

Conversations film by Benedikte Esperi (c) 2020 SWEDEN

This project aims to examine the physicality and philosophical aspects of the concept ‘conversations’ with a choreographers voice; represented by the work of Benedikte Esperi. ‘Conversation is quite necessary. But the slightest conversation is a highly schizophrenic exercise happening between two individuals with common resources and a taste for ellipse and verbal shortcuts. Conversation is composed of immobility interspersed with long silences; it can give you ideas.
Communication always comes too early or too late, and when it comes to creating, conversation is always superfluous’ – Deleuze and Guattari
Benedikte Esperi – Director, Writer, Producer & Dancer

Eins und Doppelt (Single and Double) film by Steve Clarke (c) 2020 USA

Dance solo involving “single and double” experimentation. Music by J.S. Bach.
Steve Clarke – Director
Raquelle Pollock & Marissa Stockstad – Dancers

300 Words of Thought film by Carolyn Rabbers (c) 2019 USA

Accessibilty. Public vs Private. Individual vs Communal. The Labor of Endurance is stoney but never cool to the touch. This was a quick 24 Hour Project. It brought me to new ways of creating and thinking about movement on screen. As well as the challenge of incorporating my textual explorations.
I’m exploring accessibility, ownership, and the labor of transitioning/work and ‘home’. Who is privileged towards a ‘home’? Who has the right to (our) labor, and who owns (our) labor? How does architecture demand labor from us? How do we acquiesce and how do we resist? As an artist, do I really ‘own’ my creation/thoughts? Who has rights/privilege to experience those thoughts with me? How am I privileged to share my own thoughts/insights with people? Are they a personal and intentional choice, or are they designed by the construction of the world societally/architecturally/economically around me
300 Words of Thought CPRdance #danceoncamera #movementcaptured #experimentalfilm

Carolyn Pampalone Rabbers – Director, Writer, Producer & Dancer
Mari Andrea Travis – Dancer

Blue Breath 푸른 호흡 film by Kim Modeun (c) 2017 REPUBLIC OF KOREA

I came to think about the existence of dust that can not be seen in space.
Questions and compassion about forgetting us are the purpose of making this film.
The presence of small particles wanted to breathe comfortably under the blue sky.
KIM MODEUN – Choreographer
Jo Yoon-su – Director
Lee Sang-hyun – Director of Photography
Do Jae-myung – Music
Lee Eun-ji – Producer
Kim Do-hyun -Custume Design

Attention Span film by Mitchell Rose (c) 2020 USA

A dancer is shot from 16 camera angles and edited at a disturbing rate. And then suddenly, nothing happens. Intrigued? Watch on.
Mitchell Rose – Director, Writer & Producer
Emily Arden Jones – Dancer

Only One Is Still One film by Anna Marchisello (c) 2020 USA

A Anna Marchisello – Director, Producer, Dancer & Choreographer


Experimental visualization of the risk behind many of the dancer’s moves. Symbiosis of dance and 3D graphics.
Amir Zakirov – Director

Experiment #1 film by Christian Schneider (c) 2019 BRAZIL

How to experience a place through the memory of our body. Starting from this principle, this contemporary dance work is expressed about the corporal questions, related to the experiences with a physical space. These relationships go beyond material questions and overflow ideas, feelings, dynamics, actions and movements. The narrative is based on the fusion of the concepts of cinematic movement from a cinematographic point of view.
Christian Schneider – Director, Writer, Producer & DP
Letícia Paranhos – Dancer & Choreographer
Natália Piva Chim – Production Director

Blue Fuchsa film by Marc Lesperut (c) 2020 SPAIN

Based on excerpts taken from the book The Unknown Poems, the main character of this piece lives an out-of-body experience. A dark trip surrounded by shadows and fire leaving the spectator wondering the boundaries between reality and unconsciousness. By using a precise and singular choreography this piece is driven by the elegant french song from the band Odezenne.

Poem #8:
A Bust
A Rose
A silk cloth around my neck
Shadows burning the past
Who are we while we sleep?
Marc Lesperut – Director
Daniel Chamizo – Dancer
Eric Oh CSC – Director of Photography
Albert MarcosFisrt Assistant Director
Andrés Martínez-Vargas – Camera Assistant
Adrià Alcalà – Focus Puller
Xiaomei Espiro – Video Assist
Xavier González Margalef – Gaffer
Anderson RamírezSparks
Jorge Dourado – Sparks
Blai Carriet – Art Direction
Héctor Cornelles – Editor
Martí Somoza – Colourist
Víctor Riba – Graphics
Joana García – Hair & make up

TH SR. Second Version film by Mimi Garrard (c) 2020 USA

“TH SR” is a dance created for video featuring the dancer Samuel Roberts and the composer Tom Hamilton.
Mimi Garrard – Director
The Mimi Garrard Dance Company, Inc. – Producer
Samuel Roberts – Dancer
Tom Hamilton – music

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