A Message from the Curator 1.22.2021

Dear DanceFilm Lover,

FilmFest by Rogue Dancer has been a dream for a long time.  It is 2 days after the Biden and Harris inauguration. Hopefully, we are also moving into a better and more humane era! Since our roll out in October (2019) we have had 16 monthly events with elegantly curated themes, 4 live screenings. To date, FFXRD has received close to 600 incredible international dance films and I have had the great honor to present 278 of them (8,0000 views!). The community continue to grow.

The submission process is on-going. Your in-coming work is what drives the creation of the themes. So bring it on, we want to see all of your work. Our “think tank” has come up with enough themes to get us through 2022 (even into 2023).

Today, we are standing tall with you! Everyday we are navigating our way through this COVID-19 pandemic hoping to vaccinate as soon a possible, our children are beginning their 2nd full semester at home, us parents are learning how to be productive whilst tip toeing around the home classroom. Many are mourning the almost 1/2 million deaths in the US alone. All the while… we continue the fight against systemic racism, equality, a divided country and hope at the end of this global crisis there is a much more “humane” normal on the other side.

The response from our dancers and dance filmmakers on social media has been powerful, emotional and thought provoking. Continue to share your work, your experiments & your evolution as a Dance on Film Artist with us. Please send Rogue Dancer your historic work, new collaborations & knit together all of your social media experiments and SUBMIT… We want to share your VOICE through your WORK.

It has been a true honor to screen the work & the films just get better and better.

UPCOMING THEMES (So go ahead and submit your DANCE Films!!!!!)
February 2021- SOLO-discovery
March 2021 – About FACE
April 2021 – URBAN View
May 2021 – Ball-ET-room
June 2021 – AMONGst the People
July 2021 – PARTners
August 2021 – A Lil’ Dirty
September 2021 – What’s up DOC!

Dance NOIR ■ Her-STORY ■ Dance 101 ■ YOU-topia ■ RE-sister ■ In The Studio ■ Parent-HOOD ■ Quiet!!! ■ FEELz ■ MONOchrome ■ Say SOMEthing ■ Gender? ■ Caddy-whompas ■ Texture ■ Whims-y ■ Flesh-y ■ age ■ etc…

This month’s theme: January 2021 – L’enfant Edition

FFXRD: L’enfant Event drops JAN 22 – FEB 7, 2021

Our goal is to present as many of the globe’s DANCE Films in a monthly format, curated elegantly into broadly interpreted themes.  We are bringing the FilmFest to the audience. The audience & filmmakers can view on their own time, not be limited to a small local venue & continue to maintain proper social distancing until we know what the future holds. When we can shake hands, hug and enjoy meals together over the same table, in true Rogue Dancer Style, I am partnering up with venues for more LIVE events (Outdoors & Socially Distanced).

Thank you for the creative work you do!!!

Keep on Dancing,
Jennifer Scully-Thurston

FilmFest by Rogue Dancer

Editor Rogue Dancer Journal


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