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First Dance film by Jingqiu Guan (2018) CHINA

This one-minute dance film documents a one-month old infant’s spontaneous movement dancing to his own heartbeat sound from when he was in the womb, presenting the most organic human movement at the beginning of our journey in the world. Movement is part of life.
Jingqiu Guan – Director
Kylan Salem – Dancer

Yuwol The Boy Who Made The World Dance [댄스영화] 유월 한예종 영화과 졸업작품 – 초등학교에서 벌어진 기묘한 일 film by TEAM YUWOL (c) 2019 Korea

Yuwol is a boy who never stops to dance even for a moment. One day, dance virus begins to spread in his private elementary school and he is accused as the culprit. Yuwol is now being chased by his uptight home room teacher and other members of the faculty.​줄거리
한시도 몸을 가만두지 않고 춤추는 소년 유월은 어느날 사립초등학교에 발발한 집단무용증(a.k.a. 댄스바이러스)의 원흉으로 지목당하며, 질서에 목매는 담임선생 혜림과 옆반 선생들에게 추격당하기 시작하는데…TEAM YUWOL Presents
Yuwol: The Boy Who Made The World Dance (2019)
Short Dance Film (25min)
Korea National University of Arts(KNUA)
Film School, Graduation Thesis Project
유월 (2019)
한국예술종합학교 영화과 예술사 졸업작품워크샵
A Film by Beff
Performed by Sim HyunSeo & Choi Min
팀 유월
Directed by | 베프 (BEFF)
Lead Role | 심현서. 최민…
Choreography | 이정은. 김종우. 김희정. 조준홍. 이연호
Cinematography | 김힘찬
Art Director | 이지원
Team Yuwol is a creative team of
film directors, choreographers, dancers, and musical actors. Please support TEAM YUWOL by clicking Subscribe, Like and Share. 팀 유월은 춤을 좋아하는 영화감독, 안무가, 댄서, 뮤지컬배우가 함께 노는 이상한 집단입니다. 앞으로의 팀 유월의 작품활동을 응원하시려면 구독과 좋아요 그리고 많은 공유 부탁드립니다.
I do not own the rights to this music
The following artists kindly permitted the use of music Songs :
✔️Mark – Urim Lee (EyeDance Original Soundtrack)…
✔️I’m Coming Out (Integer Bootleg Remix) – Diana Ross (Remix by Martin Omond)
✔️I Will Be Here – Steven Curtis Chapman
✔️Clearly – Dylan Hyde 배급∙상영 문의 | 센트럴파크
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Picnic film by Cara Hagan (c) 2016 USA

A 1 minute experiment.
Cara Hagan – Direction & Movement
Robert Gelber – camera & Post Production
Music – L’épisode cévenol by Circus Marcus

The Last Children film by Fu LE (c) 2020 FRANCE

The school merging consists in concentrating isolated primary schools in centralized educational institutes. In 2019, 400 French schools are concerned by this reform.
The Last Children is a choreographic film made in single-shot with the children of a school on the eve of its closure. Through a metaphorical fable, it bears witness to the achievement of the desertification in the rural world and the death of its villages.
// please ask for French or Spanish version if
you need.
Fu LE – Director & Writer
Martin Rivarel – Producer
Alexander Viollet – Producer
Michel Galaret – Key Cast

Fly the Coop film by Susannah Haight (c) CANADA

A commissioned piece for Palomawool (Barcelona), “Fly the Coop” explores the themes of escape and the transformation of the self. Susannah draws upon inspiration from children, and their ability to transform through imagination and curiosity.
The work is entirely produced and created by Susannah herself, this includes set design, production, direction, editing, movement and performance.
Susannah Haight – Director, writer, Producer & Performer
Emmett Verhoog – Composer
Sebastian Furtado – Videography

Sisters 3 film by Ace McColl (c) 2019 USA

Three souls awaken on an island in full bloom- interwoven and stacking in curious places. What portal would you like to walk through?
Ace McColl – Director
Dana Marie Lupton – Producer
Key Cast – Anja Hope Zehfuss, Amelia Grace Williams & Janan Mirza

13 film by Cynthia Pepper (c) 2017 USA

A 13-year old dancer navigates growing up, leaving her childhood behind, moving into the next phase of her life using dance and movement to lead the way.
Cynthia Pepper – Director & Writer
Melinda Darlington-Bach – Producer
Nina Bartell – Dancer
John M. Kiffmeyer – Director of Photography

Further 2.0 film by (c) Mia Tiihonen (c) 2019 FINLAND

Further 2.0 is an abstract story about a mundane everyday hero. It is an exploration of the relationship between the space, body and momentariness. The film uses partly the first-person perspective. In the filmmaking process, the artists have wanted to explore spatiality and movement through the cinematic perspective.
Mia Tiihonen – Director & Producer
Hanna Kahrola – Performer & Producer

Wolf and Duck film by Daniel Pettrow (c) 2020 USA

A fantasy avant-garde love story between the Wolf and the Duck from “Peter and the Wolf.”
Daniel Pettrow – Director, Writer & Performer “Wolf”
Marjorie Folkman – Writer & Performer “Duck”
Producer – Works & Process Artist (WPA) Virtual Commissions at the Guggenheim
John Heginbotham – Performer “DJ Prokofiev”
Isaac Mizrahi – Performer “Man in the Moon”

A.L.I.C.E. film by Allison Chaves (c) 2019 USA

A group of high school students encounter a school shooting and undergo a lockdown, motivating them to stand up to gun violence.
Allison Chaves – Director, Choreographer, Writer & Producer
Key Cast – Rita Roy “Teacher”, Jillian Andre,
Jayden Bastille, Emma Campbell, Taylor Emma
Jake Fontaine, Lilyana Galarza, Katie Gladding, Ashley Gray, Emily Kiker, Isabella Kiker, Alissa LaFrance, Madison LaFrance
Rose Ploude, Junelia Ramos, Julia Rappold, Dallas Silva-Dunn, Isabella Tokarz & Cassie Dusseault
Pierce Gillim – Choreographer
Cinematographers – Oriana Camara, Makena Murray, Dolma Tsering Lama
Rachel Beaulieu – Production Assistant

After The Reign: Les Enfants Film by Jennifer Scully-Thurston (c) 2018 USA

Part 4 of the After The Reign Series. A woman is processing a great loss, and allows herself to be influenced and educated by children to reenter society and become whole again.
Jennifer Scully -Thurston – Director, Writer, Cinematographer
Sharon  C. Carelock – Choreographer & Performer
Dustin Travis Glasco – Chief Editor
Christopher Scully – Thurston – Composer
Rachel Shugarman Lee – L.E.A.P. Team Choreographer
Kim Demery – L.E.A.P. Team Project Manager
L.E.A.P. Team Dancers:
Music Performed by Hymettus Woods
Production Team –  Elizabeth Geiger & Robert T.K. Scully
A special thanks to Marlon Torres NC Arts in Action’s L.E.A.P Team, for letting us take over for a month and work with these dedicated dancers.

Duck Day Afternoon film by Patrick Ogelvie & Linda Ann Webb (c) 2020 USA

A dancer spends an afternoon with a series of unusual ducks.
Patrick Ogelvie – Director & Music
Linda Ann Webb – Director, Choreographer & Dancer
Mike Webb – Second Camera
Anne Brennan – Duck Display

Path if Resistance film by Carla Armstrong & Amanda Van Meter Burch (c) 2020 USA

An exploration of how we face barriers – both the ones placed before us and the ones we place in front of ourselves – and the struggle to persist to move beyond them.
Carla Armstrong – Director
Amanda Van Meter Burch – Director
Producer – Central Florida Choreographers Collaboration
Key Cast – Sierrra-Loren Chapman, Lillian Checchio, Samantha Cressman, Corrine Hidar,
Samantha Kedziora, Olivia Schmiedeke & Rebecca Van Gelder
Key Crew – Amanda Van Meter Burch,
Christopher Burch, Robert Kelley, Sera Milavetz
Amanda Van Meter Burch – Director of Photography
Avy Photography, Amanda Van Meter Burch – Photo Credits

Danza al estilo chino TikTok curtesy of Radio Internacional de China en español (c) 2020

¡Fantástica danza al estilo chino bailado por una niña vestida en hanfu, traje tradicional chino!

With A Piece Of Chalk film by JuBaFilms (c) 2012

A young boy called Justen, who went through doleful past, discoveres a way to change his situation greatly.
Justen Beer – Dancer
Julien Bam – Writer, Director, Director of Photography, Post Production & Camera
Gong Bao – Director, Post-Production & Camera
Michael Hilli – Director & Camera
Vincent Lee – Music
Alevtina Enders – Costume Design
Key Cast – Pascale-Viviane Flückiger, Vincent Lee, Tim Braun, Joel Braun, Maurice Kordt, dilara Yay, Manolya Kafadar, Marc Komonyi, Yvan Baanq, Flo Lorbeer, Timo Nych, Sonja Mir, Violetta Gerter & Nicole PetrinecSubscribe To Us:
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The Amazing Little Boy: Justen Beer (Hustle Kidz)…
Music Composed and Arranged By: Vincent Lee
Special Thanks To: Our Friends MirrorzFX
Special Thanks To: Our Friends From Bboyworld
Thanks to everyone else who helped us so much with this project! 🙂

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