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OFFICELESS film by Julia Kushnarenko (c) 2019 RUSSIAN FEDERATION

We are constantly oppressed by an hateful work, by an evil boss, by uncomfortable conditions. But maybe we like to be oppressed?
Julia Kushnarenko – Director, Writer & Producer
Veronika Sher – Choreographer

dwell film by Kim Brooks Mata (c) 2018 USA

While working on dwell I was inspired by an article in which photographer Gregory Crewdson discusses his interest in making work that fuels one’s “…search for meaning, search for home, search for connections.” Through this short dance film I sought to explore what it means to belong, to reside, to feel at home. Are these concepts tied to our individual bodies, other people, places, objects, a combination? Through a half-remembered dream of place, space, and relationship dwell blurs the line between concrete and elusive spaces and relationships investigating our desire to linger alongside our search for belonging.
Kim Brooks Mata – Director

Pulse film by Claire Marshall (c) 2013 AUSTRALIA

Pulse was choreographer Claire Marshall’s first dancefilm. Inspired by the space, and informed by the history of the space where the film was shot: The Brisbane Powerhouse which was formerly a power station. Pulse drew inspiration from images of bygone days when the Brisbane Powerhouse functioned as an industrial power station, the inspiration of the dancers almost as as machine-like turbines. Pulse was a finalist in the dance film and new media category of the Australian Dance Awards in 2013. As Pulse was Claire’s first dance film, and first attempt with editing, Claire recut Pulse for a screening of her work in December 2019. This is the 2019 cut.
Claire Marshalll – Producer, Choreographer & Editor
Libby McDonnell – Key Cast
Miranda Zeller – Key Cast
Anthony Trojman – Key Cast


/ Fra · in · ten · a · to · mén /
masculine noun
Incomplete, arbitrary, fallacious interpretation of someone’s words or even actions FRAINTENDIMENTI is the investigation of the extended meaning of the word “phantasmagoria” or “a series of unfounded assumptions that excessively affect the imagination”. Our communication with others is also built on incommunicability, misunderstandings.
FRAINTENDIMENTI moves on this subtle rope invisible as well as tangible of the sense of incomprehension of bodies and minds. A deviated or incomplete interpretation of an action or a word, the misunderstanding moves according to one’s point of view, according to each person’s socio-psychological background and inevitably affects the strings of our imagination. The imaginary that at that juncture overwhelmingly takes possession of the most rational part. The investigation of the movement of bodies takes us to the most introverted plane of incomprehension, the moment in which we are no longer in phase with the surrounding world; when an internal phase shift is created, a confusion in the mind where multiple parts, rational and irrational, coexist. In the non-communicability, there is a superposition of the points of view between the parts, a space-time overlap in reading the same event that perhaps creates in each of us this confused feeling towards the other: staying close or far so as not to disappear? “To love is to misunderstand” Fernando Pessoa
ALEXANDRE MANUEL – Director & Writer

Longing film by Joyce Lo (c) 2020 CANADA

“Longing” is a short contemporary dance film about a woman in a long distance relationship. She yearns for the feeling of closeness and the comfort of physical touch, though present circumstances make situations uncertain as to when she will be able to reunite with her partner again. Although physically apart, her passion and thoughts still linger to keep their love alive and strong.
Joyce Lo – Director & Dancer
Anthony Fung – Writer & Producer

The Dinner Table film by Sarah Emery & Dalton Price (c) 2018 USA

THE DINNER TABLE is a love story uniquely narrated through dance and film; a captivating and intimate look at a relationship unraveled by differences.
Sarah Emery – Choreographer, Artistic Director & Dancer
Dalton Price – Director
Jin Kim – Director of Photography
Daniel Chen – Producer
Aaron Nedrick – Dancer
Kai Hsu – Executive Producer

Querencia film by Sarah Wilcoxon & Quinlan Orear (c) 2017 USA

Querencia is a Spanish metaphysical concept for a place, literal and figurative, from which a person derives strength and character. This dance film explores the intersection of identity and geography. In particular, the movement and imagery examine how ideas of ‘home’ both play into and detract from the concept of Querencia. As a solo dancer explores both her literal and imagined surroundings, she wrestles with how her sense of identity relates to place.
Sarah Wilcoxon – Director & Choreographer
Quinlan Orear – Director
Missouri State University College of Arts and Letters – Producer
Jocelyn Perez – Choreographer & Dancer
Matthew DelCiampo – Original Sound Score

CHÁ SĪ_CHASM film by Waeli Wang

An experimental screendance in collaboration with Katie Huang and Samantha Lin exploring duality, transcontinental passage, and fragmented identities. Self-reflection in questioning pluralistic panethnicity comes through the visual, movement, and sonic landscape.
Waeli Wang – Director
Samantha Lin – Key Cast
Katie Huang – Key Cast
Andrew J. Tarr – Composer

Unfolding film by Muddy Feet (c) 2018 USA

Unfolding​ follows an anonymous woman as the poetry of the world blurs around her. She experiences the excesses of demand. With surreal imagery and dream logic, ​Unfolding explores the tug between determination and anxiety; the balance between surrender and endurance.
Dylan Wilbur – Director
Muddy Feet Contemporary Dance – Producer
Subrosa Dance – Producer
Dancer/ Choreography – Suzanne Chi, Rachel Slater, Kailee McMurran & Lena Traenkenschuh
Duke Stebbins – Sound Design
Sam Membrino – Director of Photography

SWEAT film by Britt Whitmoyer Fishel (c) 2020 USA

Britt Whitmoyer Fishel – Director

Hors film by Amélie Gagnon & Julia-Maude Cloutier (c) 2020 CANADA

Hors is a dance film on the border of surrealism. It is carried by a reflection on the interior and
exterior places. Two women-landscapes merge into one another and transpose themselves into
distinct places, from winter landscapes to squeaky uninhabited places, in a quest towards their
place of belonging, if there is one. Dissonance between calm and discomfort, the images tell a
story that goes on under the flesh, in the interstices of the Self and the Other and proposes the
sensitive connection to nature as a space for rooting.
“From childhood I suspected that another reality existed. “- Julio Cortázar
Amélie Gagnon – Director, Producer, Choreographer & Key Cast
Julia-Maude Cloutier – Director, Choreographer & Key Cast
Stéphane Thériault – Cinematographer & Editor
Elias Djemil-Matassov – Editor
Mathieu Grégoire – Sound
Alexandre Laberge – Sound
Synchro Postproduction Audio – Sound Mix
Alexandre Côté – Sound Editor
Jean-Nicolas Demers – Artictic Director

A sight for sore eyes film by Kati Kallio (c) 2020 FINLAND

What we see or don’t is based on our subjective skills of receiving the view.
Film is based on dance and chatting moments with Hilkka Ollikkala in Myllypuro comprehensive service centre in autumn 2018.
Kati Kallio – Director, Writer & Editor
Elli Isokoski – Producer & Key Cast
Marjatta Leivo – Key Cast
Mika Ailasmäki – Cinematographer
Janne Kariniemi – Sound Designer
Laura Kairamo – Supporting roles
Risto Jokinen – Supporting roles
Anni Leino – Supporting roles

Item Non-Refundable film by Karin Hoglund & Luvenia Kalia (c) 2019 USA

Item Non-Refundable is a film that explores our relationship with material objects. This film draws attention to the various objects around us that we use and abuse. Allow this film to challenge you to reevaluate your lifestyles, as what we consume from mother nature has no return policy.
Karin Hoglund – Director, Cinematographer & Editor
Luvenia Kalia – Director, Performance & Music Arrangements

Paper film by Jiang Xiong 雄 江 (c) 2019 CHINA

“Flow and stillness” is the theme of this work. The two topics expressed in the heavy factory and on the light paper are interchangeable. The image of “paper” can be bright and dark, light and heavy, and it can be constantly changed. It can be used under anti-gravity to form an uncontrollable factor.
Jiang Xiong – Director, Writer & Producer
Wu Dali – Dancer
Kuang Zhiheng – Dancer
Ye Youzhen – Dancer

Exhaust Me film by Jessica Michal (c) 2019 USA

An assembly of women or simply one woman in the same? Regal and majestic is this dance film, “Exhaust Me,” made for its cast of six females and made to reveal insight into community, connections and differences between the being who is female. Instead of finding answers, this video asks questions in order to dissect the meanings and motives that make up 21st Century femininity. Through waves of rise and fall, momentum and stillness, support and solidarity, and divinity and tragedy, the work navigates through the deep waters that signify the complexities of the feminine nation.
Jessica Michal – Director, Producer, Editor & Choreographer
Dancers – Julia Foti, Erica Giurlando, Hannah Kaufman, Ying-Yu Ling, Jaymee Mojica & Michayla Pannullo
“Partita for 8 Singers: No.3 Courante” by Caroline Shaw, Roomful of Teeth, Brad Wells – Music

as·phyx·i·a·tion film by Nadav Heyman (c) 2019 USA & THAILAND

As part of the S.A.C. Artist Residency and in collaboration with Studio 1750 (South Korea), filmmaker Nadav Heyman explores the claustrophobic limits of his physicality, set in rural Thailand.
Nadav Heyman – Director & Dancer
Son Jinhee – Installation Artists
Kim Younghyun – Installation Artists
Parinda Mai – Camera Operator
Poy Wongyimyong – Production Coordinator
Subhashok Art Center – Artist-in-Residence Program

Come Sit Stay film by Jody Oberfelder (c) 2011 USA

A man confuses his girlfriend for a dog, expecting loyalty and obedience. In this short film written and directed by Jody Oberfelder, playfulness turn to violence and fantasy leaves questions as to who is man’s best friend. Directed by Jody Oberfelder,. Editing is by Daniel Garcia, cinematography by Clarrissa de los Reyes, and music composed by Brendan Berry, with lyrics by Jody oberfelder sung by Tine Kindermann and David Starrels. Starring Carlton Ward, Rebekah Morin and Bailey (as himself).
Jody Oberfelder – Director
Rebekah Morin – Dancer
Carlton Ward – Dancer

Front to Back, and Side to Side Film by Lydia Hance (c) 2019 USA

She wonders, will I get to where I want to go if I know where I’m going?
Lydia Hance – Director & Choreographer
Jacquelyne Jay Boe – Dancer
Raul Gonzalez – Artist
Charles Peck – Composer
David Rivera – Videography/Editing
Ashley Horn – Costume Design

EZLEKUA film by Marta Romero Coll & Luz Ruciello (c) 2020 SPAIN

The past, present and future coexist in a non-place. From the immensity of the ocean emerges a floating, faceless body from the past. It reaches land and explores the territory. A man from the future observes it. It sends a message to get his attention. In the present, an exchange of movements originates between these two beings from opposite times. Dance transforms into something frenetic until it reaches its peak. Is it possible to start over?
Marta Romero Coll – Director, Writer & Producer
Luz Ruciello – Director, Writer & Producer
Elene Bravo Muga – Dancer
Claudio Rojas – Dancer

Turbulence film by Ana Baer & Michelle Bernier (c) 2019 USA

In the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, two dancers experience their environment, natural and constructed, and explore its turbulence with reckless abandon.
Ana Baer – Director
Michelle Bernier – Director
Ondine Geary – Key Cast
Kim Olson – Key Cast
Russel Podgorsek – Music

Alta film by Antti Ahokoivu (c) 2019 FINLAND

Organic elements in a concrete world.
Antti Ahokoivu – Director
Guillermo Sarduy – Choreography & Dancer
Minttu Pietilä – Choreography & Dancer
Juho Luukkainen – Music and Sound design
Marja-Liisa Ahokoivu – Costum design

Another me in the world film by Yiming Fan & Ruqi Li (c) 2020 CHINA

With the rapid development of cities in modern society, the scope of nature is shrinking. In this context, the symbiotic relationship between humans and nature has become particularly important. The film is about when nature and the city are regarded as two independent individuals, which are originally unrelated to each other. With the rapid development of society, they tend to merge.
Yiming Fan – Director
Ruqi Li – Choreographer

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