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Stair Cases-2 film by Margarita Bali (c) 2018 ARGENTINA

Inspired by the amount of challenging stairs in the city of Seattle I followed a creative process in close resonance to M. C. Escher´s work, bearing in mind his obsession with stairs, puzzling perspectives and infinity patterns. Each staircase was tackled with the aim of developing a variety of human situations in relation to the architecture, sustained by different personalities and choreographic languages. The aim was to interconnect the spiral stairs, the unusual library staircases, ramps and sleek escalators, the old and the new, the past and the present, humans climbing, competing, going higher, achieving…and coming down. A fantasy world constructed through my own particular editing vision and built on the strong musical score of Mexican composer Carlos Sanchez Gutierrez
Margarita Bali – Director
Dancers – Sophia Arnall, Shane Donohue, James Fesalbon, Dolly Huang, Timothy Johnson, Leslie Kraus Kyki Li, Rachel Lincoln, Katherine McCool, Juliet McMains, Tessa Magnuson, Robert Moore, Austin Nguyen Pam, Olson Zakk, Rahman Fausto, Rivera Jordan Rohrs, Lea Russel Hallie, Scott Pamela, Schick Serafina Shi, Brandin Steffinsen, Za Thomaier, Connie Villenes
University of Washington/Mellon-funded artist in residence – Producer
Margarita Bali and Dancers – Choreography
Michelle Lesniak – Costumes
Rachel Green, Margarita Bali – Camera
Carlos Sanchez Gutierrez – Music

ARACHNE film by Dave Lojek & Dieter Leitner (c) 2017 AUSTRIA

Two athletic spiderwomen quarrel over one tasty man. Can he escape?
Dieter Leitner – Director, Writer, Producer, Cinematographer & Editors
Dave Lojek – Writer, Producer & Editors
Sophie Staud – Writer & Dancer
Julia Pauer – Writer
Uwe Sattelkow – DancerJulia Pauer _ Dancer

Time Machine film by Luca DI Bartolo (c) 2018 ITALY

The theme of encounter as Casuality but also as Causality, or starting point. Within a physical proximity that humanly promises and does not always maintain, history among individuals is at the mercy of their response to external stimuli, of the share of attention they will know – or they will not know – to keep intact from the distractions of the world. In an enveloping nature, TM is also the strength of the small against the big, the rigor of order, the proximity that respects the balance. The divertissement of two parallel lines that in their own way meet in a dimension of play and rhythm, finally enhancing their identity.
Luca DI Bartolo – Director & Producer
Giorgia Damasco – Dancer
Alessio Rundeddu – Dancer

Nameless film by Laura Natario and Justin Ayers (c) 2019 USA

A dance film that explores the topic of identity in relation to how one present themselves to the outside world, their inner circle and to themselves and how those identities interplay; weighting on or lifting up one another.
Laura Natario – Director
Justin Ayers – Director
Becca Mann –
Marissa Graham – Dancer
Jennifer Jackson – Dancer

Kala film by Benjamin Chimoy (c) 2020 GERMANY

The word “KALA” comes from Sanskrit and means “time”. KALA goes beyond its connection to the theme of time and moves toward definition of new aesthetics dissolving conventional ideas and patterns of thinking that exist about the body of a dancer. Its focus is on contemporary dance presented by an ensemble of professionally trained dancers with and without disabilities.
Benjamin Chimoy – Director, Writer & Producer
Dancers – Fuuko Shimazaki, Timo Gmeiner, Matthieu Bergmiller, Ricarda Noetzel & Mukdanin Phongpachith
Maurice Wilkerling – Dop
Anastasya Stolyarov – Editor

The Wild Sphere Ritual film by Mayelle & Steph de Stel (c) 2020 FRANCE

Emiko “The Wild Sphere Ritual” is an ode to the planet, a dance of the elements by which the human being explores his deep nature. The philosopher said “Become who you are”.
The human being seek to transcend himself through elementary forces and the ritual.
Dance gives him access to a sensory world. It reaches a higher awareness of balances and fragilities, and thus rediscovers its essence among the sphere of living beings.

Steph de Stel – Choreography and performance
Patrick Matteis – Music
Mayelle – Director
ECCC Production – Producer
PatMay Productions – Producer

Heap film by Leslie Bush (c) 2018 USA

‘Heap uses dance and elements of science fiction to investigate ways of moving that transcend categories. It situates otherness within the context of survival.
Leslie Bush – Director & Choreographer
Chung-Wei Huang – Director & Producer
Emma Elsmo – Dancer

The Great Unknown film by Diana Bastos Seabra (c) 2019 PORTUGAL

Be a plain canvas and let yourself be filled with everything you see, everything you experience. Embrace the unknown. Embrace the bizarre. Stay virgin in the realm of knowledge and discovery. Be a child, an old child. Search for your full potential. Connect to others, connect to humanity. Connect to yourself.
Diana Bastos Seabra – Director, Writer, Producer & Choreographer
Olsi Gjeçi – Director, Choreographer & Producer
Madalena Pereira – Key Cast

The Vision film by Doug Hammond (c) 2019 USA

Light, Dark. Explosion, Aftermath. Innocence, Experience. The
Past and the onrushing Future. How do we learn to live our lives? As painful as they may be, do we only appreciate them in wake of Life’s unanticipated shadows? “The Vision” is an excerpt from “The Quick (Living) and the Dead”, which is draws from Jamie Carbetta’s personal experiences. What Choices must be made in the aftermath of Abuse: to reproduce it in the world or to shine a light in the darkness?
Doug Hammond – Director/composer
Jamie Carbetta – Choreographer/ Concept
Elijah Laurant – Performers
Sean Allen Russell – Cinematographer
Aaron Pryor – Camera Assistant
Janelle Reyes – Production Assistant
Pony Box Dance Theatre – Production

The Nymph and the Satyr film by Calvin Walker (c) 2019 FRANCE

The Nymph and the Satyr is inspired by
A Satyr mourning over a nymph,
the painting by Piero di Cosimo — 1495,
from ancient legends of the death of Procris.
Calvin Walker – Director
Louise Luck – Dancer

ON LOOKING BACK film by Ara Fitzgerald & Peter Cunningham (c) 2019 USA

The myth of Orpheus and Eurydice from her point of view. Orpheus was the Frank Sinatra, John Lennon and Jay-Z of Greek Mythology. He and his wife, Eurydice, love one another. She cavorts in a field, steps on a snake and dies. The Gods offer to bring her back to life. If only men could follow directions!
Peter Cunningham – Director & Producer
Ara Fitzgerald – Writer, Producer & Dancer

Subliminal wind film by Luca Di Bartolo (c) 2018 Italy

Subliminal: adjektiv (of a stimulus or mental process) below the threshold of sensation or consciousness; perceived by or affecting someone’s mind without their being aware of it.
Subliminal Wind, is an abstract reflection of what unconsciously goes on within most our relationships before we wake up to our true self and our true heart.
Two people meet and they have a chance to choose differently this time.
Past hurts and decisions of an ego identity still plays out a hurtful game of who’s-the-master, keeping the scores and blame-shame.
When we are willing to let things be different we are ready to see «the truth». Only then can we make clear decisions beyond victimhood and blame. Who will step it up and step out of the game?
Luca Di Bartolo – Director
Thomas Johansen – Dancer
Tamara Fragale – Dancer

Spectre film by Sebastien de Buyl (c) 2020 USA

Sebastien De Buyl is a Brussels based filmmaker. He keeps characterizing his own style in cinematography, with a special focus on movement-based film productions. The act of filming does not distinguish into categories such as documentary or fiction.

He is keen to experiment with the fusion of various art forms, including visual arts, writing, music, photography and film, in order to create works that invite the viewer to an exceptional journey.

His upcoming creation, Usures, is an intimate portrait of people appearing in the
underground network of Brussels. An insight to their solitude as well as social
connections, an emotional journey into a visible, yet hidden layer of the city. This film is currently in post-production and is set to premiere in 2021.

Spectre was shot in the West Texas desert. Sebastien De Buyl is the performer of this performance, using cognitive trance techniques to feel the land and listen to its mysterious voices.
Sebastien de Buyl – Director

104.9 Degrees Fahrenheit film by Tori Nunn (c) 2019 USA

Upon falling ill, a young woman finds herself forced through a fever-induced dreamscape.
Tori Nunn – Director
Anna Bauer – Dancer

The Tesseract film by Pierce Jackson + Dianna Mesion (c) 2017 USA

Travel through the minds of two dancers at the BOLSHOI Ballet in Moscow, as they journey from rehearsal to the stage.
Pierce Jackson + Dianna Mesion – Director
Dianna Mesion – Producer
Andrey Nikolaev – Director of Photography

Pandemia film by Katerina Giannakopoulou (c) 2020 GERMANY

An experimental movie such as an art music video which shows the relationship between human kind and nature and how it has evolved through the artistic perspective of dance. The viral pandemic is the theme. I got my inspiration from the strange rythm of the music and its sound easthetic, also choosing dance moves from my own point of view representing aspects of the destruction of nature by humans relating to the pandemic. As the dancer and actor, I represent mother nature illustrated by different facial expressions and gestures, such as, being torn, weakness, the mechanization of natural movement as a form of violation by humans and then in return, nature throwing a virus back to us, for our destruction.
Katerina Giannakopoulou – Director, Producer, Writer & Dancer

Speedy Spider film by Paula Alvala & Margreet Nuijten (c) 2020 NETHERLANDS

The razzle-dazzle at the post-truth net.
Paula Alvala & Margreet Nuijten – Director, Writer & Producer
Richie Struck – Key Cast “Drums”
Alexandre Salomão – Edition
Andrew Valkenburg – Camera

Les Loups (Wolfes) film by Sarah Lefebvre (c) 2018 CANADA

“Wolves are an ode to a family, a pack, a chief, a child, love, internal conflict, mourning, and life. In loving memory of my father.”
I got the desire to make this movie in order to honor the memory of my beloved father and to lift the spirits of all those who loved him or have lost a loved one. My father was big and strong, sensitive and loving. As a protector, he watched over his pack like a true wolf.
The wolves represent the fight against disease. It’s the old wolf that bequeathes his power to his son. It’s a reflection when facing death. It’s a child who continues playing despite being surrounded by anxiety. It’s the duality that accompanies new beginnings and change.
Many metaphorical images are present in this short film: the arrival of the wolves illustrates the passing of the torch from a chief to his son; the battle represents the duality when facing adversity; hunting depicts the urgency of living life; kids portray ongoing life; adults evoke family and anxiety. In the end, with the disappearance of the old wolf, we circle back to death, to the passing into the other world.
Flamant – Director
Sarah Lefebvre – Writer & Producer
Dancers – Lou Amselem, Emmanuelle Bourassa Beaudoin, Yasmine Chami, Justin Corbo, Jean Drolet, Gina Grant, Naomi Hilaire, Tessie Isaac, Andre Leon, Jason Martin, Misheel Phi Ganbold, Sovann Rochon-Prom Tep, Aude Rioland
Guillaume Morin – Music

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