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WECreate Spaces – Morelia film by Ana Baer & Heike Salzer (c) 2020 MEXICO

In WECreate Spaces the artists explore the urban landscapes of Morelia, Mexico. A city that exemplifies the dichotomy found in colonial places featuring the eclectic richness of their architecture and the dilapidated parts of the town. Tuning into the environment through improvisation, the dancers, camera-person and musician create a collaborative knowledge that illuminates their multi-layered sensibility of understanding the world through the body. Generating affective spaces, highlighting the artist’s relations to environment, artist to artist and artist to locals. The serendipitous encounters with the passers-by add a flavour that transforms the usual into extraordinary, portraying the tonality, mood and atmosphere of this joyful and vibrant place.
Ana Baer, Heike Salzer – Director
Rocio Luna, Heike Salzer – Choreography & Dance
Ana Baer – Camera & Editing
Christian Alexander Cruz Lineros – Original Music
WECreate Productions – Producer

L’Ora del Risveglio – The Awakening Hour film by Nicola Zambelli (c) 2020 ITALY

“Nurtures the dawn of a new life
He who protects from the wounds of a world long gone
Transforms the community into new world
Whoever blooms anew in the souls of time
In the care of Self as in the care of the Other.”

“The Awakening Hour” is an artistic-poetic tribute addressed to the city of Brescia, made on the occasion of the end of the lock-down caused by the epidemic covid-19 that tragically marked the city – together with Bergamo – with one of the hardest hits in Europe.

It is an invitation to contemplate the outer and inner beauty that belongs to us, but at the same time it is an incentive to look with confidence towards the future and to share as a form of resilience.

A tribute to those who left us prematurely, a tribute to the life to come.
Nicola Zambelli – Director & Writer
Davide Sforzini – Key Cast

TWO TOO ODD film by Dave Lojek (c) 2012 AUSTRIA

A suitcase explores Vienna’s suburbia and finds giant soap bubbles. It befriends the soap bubble girl. They create a show together.
Dave Lojek – Director, Writer & Producer
Martha Laschkolnig – Writer & Producer
Martha Laschkolnig – Key Cast
Angela Jehring – Key Cast
Anne Eck – Music

Sachiko film by Miguel Esteve (c) 2020 JAPAN & SPAIN

Sachiko tells the story of a writer down on his luck in search of inspiration that allows him to find his own voice. The adventure will take place halfway between Japan and his imagination.
Miguel Esteve – Director, Writer & Producer
Sky Odin – Key Cast
Tama Tomo – Key Cast

PungJeong.Gak (風精.刻) A Town with a Blue Hill film by Joowan Song (c) 2018 Republic of Korea

Hongseok from Taejinsa textile factory and Youngsun from Sunhong supermarket spend their day roaming about in the neighborhood. From Taejinsa, past the barber shop and textile factory to the 600-year-old maidenhair tree, they hop over empty houses on the hill that have been inhabited at one point. All the places in this neighborhood are their playground and life’s temporal-space at the same time, ranging from the corner from which trains can be seen, the intersection between the hanok area, Western-style house area, and the apartment complex, and the stairway where dead bodies were stacked during the Korean War to the clothes line on Youngsun’s rooftop. In their journey on Cheongpa Hill, a neighborhood sentenced to death in the name of urban redevelopment, Youngsun, Hongseok, and traces of life glimmer. Drawing from poet Choi Seung-ja’s Do You Remember Cheongpa-dong, Youngsun and Hongseok sing in bodily gestures to the city light down the hill.
“And now, like worn-out shoes without an owner / When I wander aimlessly in the field / Do you remember Cheongpa- dong // The winter from a few centuries ago / When we lay ourselves on top of each other like flower petals / Drifting away in the snow-clad dream, -excerpt from Do you Remember Cheongpa-dong (1981)
Joowon Song – Director, Writer, Producer
Bongmin Choi – Producer
KONG YOUNG SUN – Key Cast“Main Character”
JANG HONG SEOK – Key Cast“Main Character”
57STUDIO – Director of Photography Camera & Editor
KIM MIN HONG – Sound & Music Director
‘Swedish Girls Korean Boys’ – Sound
SON JUNG MIN – Costume
LEE KYOUNG HEE – Dramaturgy
JANG SOO HYE – International Distribution

Osaka film by Emiko Tamura & 映水子 田村 JAPAN

Emiko Tamura – Director

The Descent film by AK Srikanth (c) 2019 INDIA

‘The Descent’ is a short dance film by acclaimed Bharatanatyam Danseuse Savitha Sastry. It is based on the story of a much acclaimed dancer who is now over the hill, and being replaced by newer artists. The film speaks about her depression and downward spiral, captured magnificently through Bharatanatyam.
AK Srikanth – Director, Writer & Producer
Savitha Sastry – Choreography, Dancder & Producer
Varsha Raviprakasha – Key Cast
Krupa Ramachandran – Key Cast
Rajkumar Bharathi – Music

Lucid Green film by Joseph Gebrael (c) 2020 LEBANON

What seems to be motionless , inactive or static ,is profoundly and eternally moving , evolving it’s form restlessly , from one shape to the other still the essence is the same.
Jumping into the Dance of creation and destruction the forces that modulates endlessly the form .

This short Dance Film ,is the Last Part of the Trilogy between the two artists Andrew and Joseph Gebrael .
Lucid Green , is an invitation to fly to an other time dimension, where nature uncover her forces , outside and inside of us , lighting out the essence of all things and diving into the darkness of the unknown .

Directed and Choreographed by Joseph Gebrael
Videography by Wajih Saadeh
Editing by Andrew Gebrayel and Wajih Saadeh
Music : Kaddish for Superman By Yom and The Wonder Rabbis

Family Portrait film by Jingqiu Guan (c) 2019 CHINA

Confronting conflicting values, a young woman returned to her home country to rediscover what has shaped her own beliefs by tracing different lessons bestowed to her from her grandmother, her father and her son.
Jingqiu Guan – Director, Writer, Dancer, Choreographer, Editor & Producer
Teodora Totoiu – Cinematographer
Karam Salem – Composer
Suixiong Guan – Key Cast “Father”
Xiulin Yao – Key Cast “Grandma”
Xiaoyan Qiu – Key Cast “Grandma’s voice”

In the House of My Mother film by Joan Wagman (c) 2018 USA

A Catholic convert, caught practicing Jewish rituals learned from her mother, is brought before the Inquisition. Her struggle, depicted via flamenco and folk dance, is accompanied by a haunting score of Sephardic music.
Joan Wagman – Director & Producer
Carolina Loyola – Cast

T.I.A (THIS is Africa) film by Matthieu MAUNIER-ROSSI (c) 2015 CONGO

Aïpeur Foundou is a congolese dancer and choreographer. Amidst some popular areas of Brazzaville, he shows us one possible way to freedom.
Matthieu MAUNIER-ROSSI – Director, Writer & Producer
Ronan CHENEAU – Writer
Aïpeur FOUNDOU – Key Cast (himself)
Ella GANGA – Key Cast (narrator)

Bad Feeling film by Nyko PK16 (c) 2019 FRENCH POLYNESIA

A couple of young Polynesian dancers share a dance in Paris, maybe for the last time …
Nyko PK16 – Director, Writer & Producer
Hugues Damesin – Producer
Tahia Cambet – Key Cast
Tuarii Tracqui – Key Cast

Atena.Nets film by Mark Freeman (c) 2019 GHANA

ATENA/NETS is a site-specific contemporary dance set in Jamestown, a traditional fishing community in Accra, the capital of Ghana. Rising stars in Ghana’s dance community, Julius Yaw Quansah and Sena Atsugah are enmeshed in the challenges of daily life. Drawing from Ghanaian customs and traditions, they cast a wide net, remaking their world.
Mark Freeman – Director, Editor & Producer
Julius Yaw Quansah – Choreographer & Performer
Sena Atsugah – Choreographer & Performer
Jenna Castillo – Cinematographer

FAINTING FLICKER film by Dave Lojek (c) 2016 ITALY

Two young strangers meet in Naples and begin to flirt and dance in the street.
Dave Lojek – Director, Writer & Producer
Daniele Mennella – Writer
Sara Bellanova – Key Cast
Augustin Brat – Key Cast

Delicious Healing film by Tumi Johnson (c) 2017 INDONESIA

One of our most potent connect is with nature is through our food. Here, a woman, through the sense of taste, is taken on a journey that reveals nature’s healing power.
Tumi Johnson – Director
Žare Manojlovič – Producer
Tumi Johnson – Key Cast

InterState (c) 2018 film by Ilana Goldman USA

This short dance film features a mysterious and ambiguous masked figure embodying both animalistic and human characteristics as it travels across the country in search of home and self. InterState is an investigation of identity, migration, and displacement, set against the backdrop of America’s most dramatic and dynamic landscapes. From Seattle and St. Louis to Mt. Rushmore and variously magnificent national parks, InterState explores the connection (or lack thereof) between living organisms and habitat, at every turn questioning the idea of a “natural environment.” What do we carry with us when we move—literally? Each new location, each new scene provides an opportunity for the soloist to unearth a symbiotic way of moving in relation to the environment while simultaneously maintaining a sense of self, physically holding onto idiosyncrasies regardless of place, space, or time. By the film’s end, the audience is caught up in the soloist’s journey, bound to the rhythmic sense of timing created as the singular body carved space—and identity—in each terrain it inhabited.
Ilana Goldman – Director, Choreographer, Editor & Performer
Gabriel Williams – Director & Cinematography
Patrick McKinney – Composer

I’m here film by Kateryna Tiurina (c) 2020 UKRAINE

Kyiv, year 2019 – total copying of style, attitudes, hobbies. Unreasonable obsession with everything new, trendy, lack of autonomous thinking, lack of truth and real desires. The new generation stopped asking themselves – what do I really want to do here and now?
But these guys have their own reality. This is the new elite youth, that think critically. Original. True.

Our short, beautiful video is about the eternal dreamers, boys and girls, called to inspire with their honest deeds. They push us to the new achievements. They know how to dream and fulfill. They live the moment, although it often happens that society breaks their framework of an ideal world, by throwing back to the ugly reality…
Kateryna Tiurina – Director & Writer
Viktoria Zaliznyuk – Producer
Yana Teranis – Producer
Apache Crew – Key Cast

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