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TRIO FOR A QUARTET film by Simon Fildes (c) 2017 UK

AA joyful celebration of the work of international choreographer and artist Margaret Morris.

Trio for a Quartet was commissioned by Horsecross Arts in Perth, Scotland. Simon Fildes was asked to make a work responding to a music composition by Debra Salem thats had been commissioned as part of a programmed celebration of the life and works of choreographer Margaret Morris. Morris (1891 -1980) was a British dancer, choreographer and teacher. She was the first proponent of the Isadora Duncan technique in Great Britain. She founded the Margaret Morris Movement, Celtic Ballet, and two Scottish National Ballets in 1947) and in 1960. Morris philosophy that dance is for everyone resonated with Salem’s belief that singing is for everyone. She developed the musical score for four vocalists inspired by Margaret Morris Natural Movement technique. This video dance is created for the first movement of that work. Fildes filmed original choreography created by Vincent Hantam for a live work with 3 dancers from Edinburgh University masters degree course. The aim was to create a joyful work that responds to Salem’s music and at the same time references and celebrates the work and international outlook of Morris and her life partner the Scottish Colourist painter JD Ferguson.
Simon FILDES – Director & Producer
Dancers – Yifeng Zhu, Kasumi Momoda & Laura Gilmore
Debra Salem – Composer
Vincent Hantam – Choreographer

Who, Me film by Naomi Lofchie (c) 2019 USA

A woman looks in the mirror. Her confident exudes from the inside-out. All it takes is one look and we are transported into her colorful and playful imagination.
Naomi Lofchie – Director & Producer
Callie Gomph-Phillips – Producer
Isabelle Mojares – Dancer
Kyle Bower – Director of Photography

BOOKANIMA. Dance film by SHON KIM (c) 2018 REPUBLIC of KOREA

BOOKANIMA, a compound word of ‘Book’ and ‘Anima’, is Experimental Animation to give new cinematic life to book. It aims to create ‘Book Cinema’ in the third scope between Book and Cinema. Animation links Book to Cinema. Along the way, it experiments Locomotion based on Chronophotography Animation, paying homage for Edward Muybridge and Entienne Jules-Marey. It experiments locomotion of Dance along with its stream: Ballet-Korean dance-Modern dance-Jazz dance-Aerial Silk-Tap dance-Aerobic-Disco-Break dance-Hip hop-Social dance.
Shon Kim – Director, Writer & Producer

Red Dirt Dances film by Marta Renzi (c) 2018 USA

Woven among everyday actions like sweeping a broom, smoothing an adobe wall, and riding a bike are moments of heightened activity: an intimate duet in the woods, a flirtation in a bedroom, a spell cast over a card game. Shot at an eco-village outside of Sao Carlos Brazil, with choreography by Francisco Silva and danced by Urze Companhia de dança, the vista in DIRT shifts from distant landscapes to intimate music-making, from mystery and romance to sweat and labor, with a communal spirit that makes the voyeur a participant.
Marta Renzi – Director
Urze Companhia de dança – Producer
Wooden Toy Productions – Producer
Cast – Carla “Polaz”, Steffanie “Matias”, Alex “Gonçalves”, Bruno “Scivoletti”, Paulo “Zicarelli”, Marcella “Hermeto”, Patricia “Russo” & Victor “Cherubin”
Francisco Silva – Choreographer
Gustavo Fataki Oliveira – Cinematographer

ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM Love letter to Italy film by Diego Salterini & Hannah Baumgarten (c) 2020 USA

“Zoom Zoom Zoom, A Love Letter to Italy” a dance film created by Dance NOW! Miami Co-Directors Diego Salterini and Hannah Baumgarten to complete their 20th Anniversary season, part of their “Covid(eos)” series created dureing the Covid-19 Pandemic. Under Salterino’s Direction, and choreographed, filmed and edited completely under quarantine, the piece iterates the moment and the shared experiences of shelter at home. “Zoom Zoom Zoom” is a manifestation of our confinement. Zoom is the way Dance NOW! had to take company classes, have meetings, work on grants, and sing happy birthday to one another—as everyone has had to of late.

This playful dance in four movements, expresses the quirky descent into the Zoom rabbit hole, the upside-down feeling of confinement, the longing for the touch of others, and the sense that through it all we simply must dance. It is meant to make audiences smile, with all Italian music, giving a nostalgic feeling and a nod to Salterini’s home and history of his career as a dancer on RAI TV, as well as acknowledging the first hard hid western country of the Corona virus. While the movement was created by both directors, Salterini held the reins on the manifestation as the Director and video editor, conceiving of the piece and creating, through his editing, innovative spaces where multiple dancers appear to be dancing together when they were each filmed alone from their own homes.
Diego Salterini – Director, Choreographer & Video Editing
Hannah Baumgarten – Choreographer & Director
Allyn Ginns Ayers – Rehearsal Director
Dance NOW! Miami – Producer
State of Florida Division of Cultural Affairs – Producer
Miami Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs – Producer
Miami Beach Department of Tourism, Culture and Economic Development – Producer
Dancers – Allyn Ginns Ayers, Julia Faris, Benicka J. Grant, Isabelle Luu Li Haas, David Harris, Matthew Huefner, Renee Roberts, Joshua Emmanuel Rosado & Anthony Velazquez

Out Here film by Hanna-Mari Ojala (c) 2020 FINLAND

Hanna Ojala – Director, Writer & Producer

(v.) – to situate in a particular place film by Maxine Flasher-Düzgüneş & Justin S.E. Park(c) 2019 USA

Locate (v)* -to pinpoint thoughts to geographical origins; to unearth memory inside the intricate map of the creative intelligence; to discover the moments where these inner spaces co-join, collide, coincide; to uncover the spaciousness of a place inside the mini-ness of its coordinates; to find the microscopic cinema theater inside the worlds no one can see to situate a notebook with sand and torn blades of grass beside the words not yet written; to place a word-ticket in the whirling, flipping, collapsing fingertips of improvisation; to position a moving part in front of a nostalgic camera; to site a sentimental topography that infinitely haunts its navigators; to found a garden…traveling through the preciousness of the young, the deepness of the curious, and the overgrown paths of the questions they ask

*This film was originally screened at the Jack Crystal Theater, New York as projection artwork for an 8 minute contemporary dance duet.
Maxine Flasher-Düzgüneş – Director & Producer
Justin S.E. Park – Director
Morgan Burns – Dancer
Taína Lyons – Dancer

A Bloop in the Park film by Michelle Koppl (c) 2018 USA

Two dancers move through a park on a beautiful day. Set to an energetic composition by Michelle Koppl, the film explores the joy of movement in nature.
Michelle Koppl – Director
Hallie Chametzky – Dancer
Elsie Neilson – Dancer

Air Transit film by Keely Song, Scott Cook (c) 2018 USA

Environmental Dance Film advocating public transit for clean air.
Keely Song – Director, Producer & Choreographer
Scott Cook – Director & Producer
Tristan Gray – Choreographer

Scarlet film by KassandraBursch-Gupta (c) 2020 USA

Kassandra Bursch-Gupta – Director, Producer,
Dancer “Human ” Camera Crew & Music Editing
Scarlet Ladybug – Dancer “Canine ”
Rahul Gupta – Camera Crew
Jacqueline Bursch – Camera Crew
Jennifer Thomas – “New Life” Music

Island to Island film by Margaret Wiss(c) 2019 US

A dancefilm created in collaboration with composer Colin Minigan, the dancers, and the landscapes of Islesford, ME and New York City.

A quartet of juxtaposed environments and duets. Exploring the in-between, places of transition, of comings and goings and how individuals make decisions.

Of the interpersonal and inter-place.
Margaret Wiss – Director & Choreography
Dancer – Rafael Cañals, Austin Coats, Sean &
Demetris Charalambous
Colin Minigan – Music

A Place to Train film by Jessica Gomula-Kruzic (c) 2020 USA

A modern day warrior uses a joyful wisdom to transform his martial arts training into a vehicle of purity, goodness, and beauty.
Jessica Gomula-Kruzic – Director & Producer
Shifu Zhou Chuangang – Key Cast
Nicole Zvarik – Production Design
Sean Clute – Sound Design
Brandon Guerra – Cinematography
Nicole Zvarik- Camera Operators
Christopher Gomula-Kruzic – Camera Operators

The Maestro film by Juel D. Lane (c) 2018 USA

Award-winning choreographer, Juel D. Lane, is celebrating the life of painter, Ernie Barnes. Lane’s tribute, which uses the medium ‘dance on film,’ draws inspiration from Barnes’s 1978 painting, “The Maestro.” It depicts a black man as the conductor of sounds spilling out of a jukebox style radio.
Juel D. Lane – “The Maestro”, Director & Producer
James R. Wiley – Cinematographer & Editor
Munir Zakee – Music Composer
Taylor Speagle – Makeup
Allyson Conover – Makeup
Evan Finch – Animation

clearing film by Kim Brooks Mata (c) 2017 USA

Kim Brooks Mata – Director
Experimental Film Virginia – Producer
Dancers – Lisa Mariani, Hillel Perlman & Viola Scaglione
Kat Cameron – Director of Photography

Art_ Exhibition film by Larissa Britton (c) 2020 (UK)

Two minutes dance film.
2012 I exhibited my paintings in London in Chelsea Old Town Hall.
My exhibition coincided with the celebration of the Diamond Jubilee of Elizabeth II. It marked the 60th anniversary of the accession of Queen Elizabeth II on 6 February 1952

On Sunday 3rd June I was invited to the Diamond Jubilee Tea Party. I took advantage of an opportunity and asked one of the organisers to pass my painting named ‘Diamond Jubilee’ to the Queen . This video is about my art exhibition …
Larissa Britton – Director, Writer, Producer & Dancer

The Black Dancing Body. Covid-Era . Draft 1 film by Austin Warren Coats (c) 2020 USA

This piece draws inspiration from Brenda Dixon Gottschild’s The Black Dancing Body: A Geography from Coon to Cool. Dancers were encouraged to submit improvised phrases that highlighted adored/admonished sections of the black dancing body: Skin, Hair, Pelvis, Feet. This was created during the Covid-19 pandemic, as a way to come together and celebrate the black dancing body and community. This is an ongoing process.
Austin Warren Coats – Director

Dress Code film by Didier MULLERAS (c) 2019 FRANCE

…Ladies with an attitude…
DRESS CODE is a short dance film, created in France with dancers from “DFC Dance For Camera” workshops taught by Didier Mulleras, choreographer and film maker.
This film is the story of a grey jacket, like a second skin, traveling the world and the bodies.
In fact, the grey jacket shown during the film is a stage costume of Didier, from past stage performances with his dance company. This grey jacket already traveled worldwide, during the shows touring in more than twenty countries. But Didier always put it in his bags when traveling abroad now for creations or workshop teaching, as an element of inspiration, sometimes recurrent, a dress code, a second skin traveling from a body to another….
Didier MULLERAS – Director
Studios L’Espace 13 Béziers FR – Producer
Dancers – Severine Prunera, Didier Mulleras & Team Espace 13

SNAG film by Steve Woods (c) 2019 IRELAND

Pushing Irish dance a bit further.
Steve Woods – Director
Cel’ Divisio – Producer
Jack LynchKey – Dancer

JULIETTE – Portrait number 3 of XXY film by Clotilde Rullaud (c) 2018 FRANCE

« Loves love to love love » James Joyce

While seeking her free woman, her Great Feminine, the girl finds the Other. While experimenting otherness, she discovers her own masculine and start building her personal identity. Thus her Feminine dares to speak. It gives her the courage to brave taboos in the name of her convictions. Her first renouncements give birth to her freedom.

Shakespeare’s Juliet is intelligent and obstinate despite her young age. For many, she is the real hero of the play. It is Juliet who sets the boundaries in her relationship with Romeo. It is she who asks his hand in marriage. It is she who lies and who goes against her family’s wishes. A true revolt against traditional Italian society.

Hannah is the 3rd portrait of the 30min long non-narrative abstract music video of XXY [ɛks/ɛks/wʌɪ], that investigates the “feminine”.

Written and directed by Clotilde
Produced by Tzig’Art
With the support of the French Ministry of the Women’s Rights, the SPEDIDAM, the SACEM, the French National Audiovisual Institute, the Simone de Beauvoir Centre

Cinematographer – Florent Bourgeais
Editor – Clotilde
Additional editor – Violeta Fernandez
Compositing and calibration – Stéphane Jarreau / Donc Voilà
Titles animation and direction – Bérangère Lallemant

Music by Alexandre Saada
Lyrics by Pierre Denardo
Clotilde – vocal and flute
Alexandre Saada – piano, Rhodes, Epinette, back-vocals
Laurent Salzard – bass, back-vocals
Antoine Paganotti – drum, back-vocals
Choreography in collaboration with Amelia Rudolph and the performers Courtney Moreno and Tony Nguyen

Recorded and mixed by Jean-Paul Gonnod at MidiLive
Mastering by Thomas Pégorier / Brut de Prod
Mix and mastering cinema by Bruno Gueraçague / Tabaskko

Filmed in Richmond, San Francisco Bay, California, USA
℗ & © Tzig’Art and Clotilde – 2018

Have a Nice Day film by Susan Toni (c) 2019 USA

In ‘Have A Nice Day’ two uncompromising women struggle to see eye-to-eye while sizing each other up, wondering whether they should even like each other. By confronting their built-in prejudices and self-censorship they come to realize their inner saboteurs are getting the best of them. Once they see, speak and relate to one another they decide to celebrate each other and put aside the ridiculousness of the situation.
Susan Toni – Director & Producer
Tyler Milliron – Producer
Susan Toni – Dancer
Jalila Bell – Dancer

Hug Soon Comes film by Paulo Accioly (c) 2020 BRAZIL

The present has long been no more important than the future. Without two kisses, without forró or punch the clock. Everything is far, everyone is far, but the hug soon comes.
Paulo Accioly – Director, Writer, Editor & Producer
Bagaceira Filmes – Producer
Pedro KrullProducerOrdinary Place
Choreographer – Paulo Accioly, Jeane Rocha & Samuel Pitta
Jeane RochaKey – “Dançarina”
Samuel PittaKey – “Dançarino”
Perola Pitta – Camera
Lettering Design – Chystopher Williams, Alexis Woivrey & Paulo Accioly
Igor Peixoto – Original Soundtrack
Illustration Artists – Marcelo Nunes, Win, Joao Paulo Dantas, Emilie Pria, Lyara Cavalcant, Kaio Moreira, Gabriel Alipio, Tiziano, Jean Costache, Ismail Bazri, Mayara Craveiro, Daniel Ribeiro, Ana Luiza Mendonça, Yasmin Falcao, Sarah Duran, Claudealex Farias, Andrea Ferrari, Haroldo Adilmo, Matheus SaI, Fernanda Duarte, Julia Santos, Donovan Delis-McCarthy, NathaI, Elea Jeanne, Naricla, Gabrielle Tenorio, Beatriz Azevedo, Nathalia Matos, Liriz, Antonio Castro, Will Yama, Aristide Barraud, Maria Clara Ramalho, Iury Simoes, Ricardo Antonio, Lucas Cardoso, Debora Vasconcellos, Marcos Vinicius, Yonà, Hugo, Christopher Williams, Kynne Lima, Alice Becka, Ana LealI, Arthur Possas, Massime, Igor Augusto, Yara Amaral, Paulo Accioly, Larissa Santana, Bianca Oliveira, Pedro Monteiro, Joaddan Campos, Nakarte, Isabela Braz, Baptiste Lignel & Cecile Cornet

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October 2020 – Fantasy

November 2020 – LAND-scape

SUN., NOV., 8th, 2020 @ 7pm LIVE Screening @ SHADOWBOX Studios, “Rogue Dancer Choice Screening”

December 2020 – OUT the Office
(with a LIVE Screening @ Hunt Library (NC State University), THURS. JAN. 14th)

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