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God Damn that Bird no. 6 Bipeds film by Stacy Wolfson (c) 2020 USA

A downbeat, psychedelic version of The Bipeds Dance ongoing Bird song project, originally written by Curtis Eller, created and performed by Bipeds’ artistic director Stacy Wolfson on her IPad.

Wonderful film by Garet Wierdsma (c) 2020 USA

A dance film
Garet Wierdsma – Director, Producer & Performer

CDC Guidelines film by Audrey Plouffe (c) 2020 USA

A site-specific work in a small, locked bathroom inspired by the recommendations of the Center for Disease Control amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.
Audrey Plouffe – Choreographer & Dancer
Molly Of Geography – Music

Co- film by Anne Goldberg-Baldwin (c) 2020 USA

A short dance film in isolation
Anne Goldberg-Baldwin – Director, Producer, Choreographer, Dancer & Composer
Liam Hardison – Music Performer

Dancing At A Distance film by Jacob Farrell (c) 2020 USA

“Dancing at a distance: performing the steps for healthy living during a pandemic” was created as a response to COVID-19. Shot on phones and filmed in the dancers’ homes, the dance demonstrates actionable steps to stay safe during this time and addresses the emotional toll the pandemic has on our lives.
Jacob Farrell – Director
Jacquelyn Pritz – Choreographer & Dancer
Dancers – Aryanna Allen, Laura Briggs, Tara Bucknor, Cecily Davis, Katie DeGenaro, Sarah Diamond, Abi Grassler, Caroline Lockwood, Catherine Messina, Sally O’Grady, Emilio Zurita Ontiveros, Andrea Pack, Will Pritz & Ellie Tsuchiya
Ariel Reich – Voiceover
Alex Owen and the Messy Cookers Jazz Band

We Heal (Nos Curamos) film by Jaime Fidalgo (c) 2020 MEXICO

A Spaniard techno-gypsy tune in a Mexican desert: butoh and flamenco dance in an armed combat with a scarf and guitar to the re-discovery of the purest and most improvised movement.
Jaime Fidalgo – Director, Writer & Producer
Santiago Maisterra – Producer & Performer
Sandra Soto – Performer
Camila Izaguirre – Performer
Santiago Maisterra – Song

The Outbreak 爆发 film by Llinxin Ll (c) 2020 USA

Linxin Li – Director, Writer, Producer, Choreographer, Post- Production, Director of Photography, Music & Dancer
Jeremy Guyton – Co-Director &
Director of Photography
Doctor Dreamchip – Original Music
Carlee Sachs-Krook – Assistant

Contaminated film by Hannah Baumgarten, Steffen Zeichner & Diego Salterini (c) 2020 USA

“Contaminated” is the journey of unwelcomed psychological incarceration we endured as the Coronavirus wracked our society. The common act of self-touching became our enemy as every day actions brought with them the profound risk of infection. The anxiety inflicted on us by the virus’ highly transmissible nature and the intensity of the international crisis warranted caution; the fear of the virus increased anxiety to a fervor. “Contaminated” depicts the moments when we might unknowingly track the virus into our homes, an allegory for the situation that invaded every part of our daily lives; the disbelief, the anger and the panic that this pandemic caused as it spread and killed, expressed through the moving bodies of four men and their battle with the contaminant. Ultimately, angst and fear turns to quiet submission and ablution as we all must come to terms with this tragedy and wash ourselves clean of the psychological damage caused by the Pandemic’s impact on our lives, so that we may move forward with clarity and optimism.
“Contaminated” is a collaboration among three artists. It was my pleasure to work with Steffen Zeichner, violinist, who composed an played the moving soundtrack and Diego Salterini, lifelong partner, who transformed my choreography into a cohesive work of dance in the medium of video. Both contributed their art uncensored, yet managed to blend, support and fully express my intent for the project.This piece is sponsored in part by the Department of State, Division of Cultural Affairs; the Florida Council of Arts and Culture and the State of Florida (Section 286.25, Florida Statutes, PAXY and Dance NOW!

Hannah Boumgarten – Director & Choreographer
Steffen Zeichner – Composer & Musician
Diego Salterini – Video Editing
Allyn Ginns Ayers – Rehearsal Director
Dancers – David Harris, Matthew Huefner, Joshua Emmanuel Rosado & Anthony Velazquez
Producers – State of Florida Division of Cultural Affairs, PAXY & Dance NOW! Miami

Treatise on Generational Trauma film by Cara Hagan (c) 2018 USA

In case anyone forgot, we are still living in extraordinary times and the collective and cumulative trauma of the murder of Black people through physical force, sub-par health care, and silence will continue. Sharing this again because so far, nothing has changed.
Cara Hagan – Director & Performer

A Dance for A film by Richard Daniels (c) 2020 USA

Dance movie.
Richard Daniels – Director, Producer, Choreographer & Performer

Dissolve film by Anne Goldberg-Balwin (c) 2020 USA

A miniature vignette of confinement and solitude.
Anne Goldberg-Baldwin – Director, Choreographer, Editor & Dancer
Kevin Baldwin – Video
Gymnopedie No. 1 by Erik Satie – Music (Performed by Anne Goldberg-Baldwin)

Warped. Covid Time film by Sasha Chudacoff (c) 2020 USA

How does time get warped? During Covid Quarantine 2020, I experienced an altered perspective of time. Many others reported the same thing. Time blurred and warped. The daily and weekly landmarks that I was accustomed to before quarantine were no longer pillars. Time became improvised, spontaneous, memorable and simultaneously inconsequential. It was based on creative adaptations to a new way of living and this new way of living for many of us had no time signature or familiar rhythm. One night in the life of quarantine, in the small rural Mountain town where I live, there was a full moon. With all businesses closed, town empty and time warped, I danced in the empty streets in the light of the moon.
Sasha Chudacoff – Director

Suspended film by Filomena Rusciano (c) 2020 ITALY

Life stuck in an unexpected suspension.
Filomena Rusciano – Director & Performer
Gennaro Sorrentino – Illustrator
Maurizio Chiantone – Music

The Frame film by Rosy Gentle (c) 2020 USA

More alive in mind than body
Moving images, cinematic scenes
Silent though the action seems
Takes me places in my dreams
Racing thoughts along twisted plots
All while confined to this four cornered spot
Rosy Gentle – Director
Scott Joplin – Music

she… film by Lisa K. Lock (c) 2020 USA

A poem without words.
Lisa K. Lock – Director, Writer, Producer & Performer

Nobody Signed Up for This film by Melissa Sanderson (c) 2020 USA

Nobody Signed Up for This is a quarantine-inspired daytime solo nesting occurrence suspended somewhere between the consumption of leftover shakshuka and the third Zoom meeting of the day.
Melissa Sanderson – Director, Editor & Performer

Prana film by Anttti Ahokoivu (c) 2017 FINLAND

A story of life energy’s struggle against the hostile surroundings.
Antti Ahokoivu – Director & Writer
Universities Aalto Finland and ZHdK zurich – Producer

Edge of Isolation film by Tatyana Bronstein (c) 2020 USA

Tatyana Bronstein – Director & Producer

(UN)CAGED film by Megan Lowe (c) 2020 USA

A pre-quarantine site-specific dance adventure of an old abandoned zoo, revisited while sheltering in place. (UN)CAGED: When do we feel supported by our shelters? When do our shelters feel like a limitation or an inspiration? What makes us stay? What are the walls that surround us—literally and figuratively, seen and unseen—and how do those boundaries impact our decision making? Where would we go if all doors where open?

Join a dancer on a journey of juxtaposition—grace, flow, strength, and sensitivity through metal cages, crumbling stones, cracked concrete, and gritty dirt.
Megan Lowe – Director, Choreographer, Dancer, Editor, Vocals & Steel Tongue Drum
Craig Baurley – Videographer
Kelsie Bedard – Vocals & Ukelele
Antonio Domenick – Vocals & Keyboard
Jake Scheps/Stokeland Studios – Production

De-eschatology film by Charly Santagado & Eriel Santagado (c) 2020 USA

De-Eschatology is a physical manifestation of the claustrophobic conditions created by the COVID-19 crisis and the yearning to break free from them. The piece seeks to draw attention to a heightened sense of touch, which directly results from the lack of physical contact many in quarantine face. The film’s trajectory explores the gradual de-escalation of shelter-in-place orders, and its psychological effects.
Charly Santagado – Director & Dancer
Eriel Santagado – Director & Dancer
Brian Curry – Videographer

Croissants film by Elias Djemil (c) 2020 CANADA

Louise (82) and Gaetan (76). Louise is full of life, but Gaetan has been suffering from depression for a few years. Their weekly meetings at a local cafe have helped him a lot.
Since the beginning of the quarantine and social distancing measures, they are isolated at home. Gaetan finds it difficult, so Louise has offered they write a letter to each other every day, like in the good old daysIn each letter they describe things they both love and miss, like croissants.
Elias Djemil – Director & Producer
Elizabeth Crispo – Director & Performer

BACK HOME film by Luca Di Bartolo (c) 2020 ITALY

How big is our vital space? What shapes, sounds and colors can it acquire? Through a constant search for opposites (light / dark, full / empty, sleep / wakefulness), Back Home looks at emotional perception as a vital parameter, admitting its subjectivity of manifestations in relation to the present.
Luca Di Bartolo – Director & Writer
Giorgia Damasco – Writer & Dancer

Bound film by Shaleigh Comerford (c) 2020 USA

** This video was created by invitation of the American Dance Festival with support from The Forrest at Duke.
Shaleigh Comerford – Director
Performers – Jam Niel Delgado Castro, Isabelle Frame, Hannah Nicole Marr, Steven James Rodriguez Velez
Palani Mohan – Videographer
Sand Pact – Sound Score
Stephanie Sevilla – Costumes

Verdammter Vogel film by Jennifer & Christopher Scully-Thurston (c) 2020 USA

“Verdammter Vogel” is a a cover of the ancient American folk song “That Goddamn Bird” written at the beginning of the Global COVID19 pandemic by Curtis Eller. My imaginary German cousin whom performs under the alias Schaumstoffkissen demonstrates the permeable membrane between sanity and insanity can be punctured by the simple presence of a single fowl where it is unwelcome. Her metaphor amplifies the loneliness and isolation caused by an unconscionable invisible disease flying internationally in the face of comfort. Ultimately her optimistic message is humanity will be overrun by machines and they will be impervious to any disease, mental or physical. It is also a reminder to the indigenous residents of Earth to wear face-masks out of selfless compassion to all.
Prof. Tuff S-T
Part of the “God Damn Bird” On-Line Challenge.
Jennifer Scully-Thurston – Director & Producer
Christopher Scully-Thurston – Writer & Performer
HyMettus Woods – Composer
Dancing Lights – Hazel & Stella McLester
August Garufi – Bird

Reset film by Nicola Hepp (c) 2020 NETHERLANDS

A film created during the covid19 pandemic, connecting to the emotions that we are dealing with at this time. Confinement and distress and finding ways of leaving that behind. Starting afresh with renewed hope.

Directed remotely and shot on location, following the current guidelines in The Netherlands.
Nicola Hepp – Director & Editor
Kaide Gonzalez – Dancer
Lisa de Faria – Camera
Freerk Lenselink – Music

God Damn that Bird no.7 film by The Bipeds (c) 2020 USA

The Bipeds step into the silent screen for this minor-key rendition of their mournful, bad-luck anthem, “God Damn that Bird”.
The Bipeds – Director
Curtis Eller – Writer & Performer
Stacy Wolfson – Writer & Performer
The Bipeds – Producer

Car Tune film by Ronald West (c) 2020 USA

Remembering the outside world and glorifying being in the car singing a tune en route to another physical place is a distant memory. When no physical characters can come into your space, the creative mind is a tool to create relationships. I mean, how many children have imaginary friends? With that said, I have now become friends with every piece of art in my home. I walked through my halls and communicated to each individual with a song that made sense in our discussion. These songs are all nostalgic. They take you to a time of innocence, joy, freedom and adolescence. On the surface, I wanted this video to bring a smile to the faces of people watching it and provide a moment to escape the hardships of reality. On the facade, this is a fun video and I love that. I hope if people want to know more they will analyze why characters say what they say and how that’s relevant to current events. I’m here to answer questions and reveal ideology, if prompted. Each choice has a direct intent. Details are important. Words hold weight. Who says those words matters. Specificity has never been more important. To recalibrate individuals and how they interact with this world, we have to start in the home and tune each being, each vessel, each vehicle or each car. Thank you for watching ‘car tune’.

** This video was created by invitation of the American Dance Festival with support from The Forrest at Duke.
Ronald West – Director & Performer
Clark Huntley Ivers – (Cinematographer) Producer
Mike Yionoulis – (Sound Engineer) Producer

A Brief Interruption film by Jen Guy Metcalf & Renay Aumiller (c) 2020 USA

The host of a video conference is interrupted too many times so she ends the meeting, but not in the way she intended.

** This video was created by invitation of the American Dance Festival with support from The Forrest at Duke.
Jen Guy – Director & Editor
Renay Aumiller – Choreographer & Performer
Ludwig van Beethoven – Composer

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