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Pas M film by Ivan Skorik (c) 2016 (RUSSIAN FEDERATION)

A story inspired by paintings of René Magritte.
The film was created as a part of Cinema Danсe Project at Acting Faculty of Moscow Film School.
Ivan Skorik – Director
Key Cast – Nikita Kurilow & Olesya Astapova
Danila Goryunkov – Director Of Photography
Sofia Kobozeva – Production Designer
Anna Oganisyan – Makeup Artist
Ksenia Galyga – Editor
Oleg Sharabanov – Colorist
Clean-up Artist – Vadim Sokur & Sergey Borodin
Pensees – Music
Ksenia Galyga – Sound Design

Trouble Manifesto film by Ace McColl (c) 2019 (USA)

A dance for camera film, drawing from a quote from Donna Haraway’s book, “Staying with the Trouble”. The choreographer/solo performer dances/speaks the text as danced manifesto with voiced and whispered shadings.
Ace McColl – Director
Celeste Miller – Choreographer & Performer

Golden film by Kate Mitchell (c) 2019 (USA)

GOLDEN, a wordless dance film, uncovers the independence, intellectual curiosity, and sexual vibrancy hidden within the domestic life of a woman, as portrayed by a solo dancer.
In dream-like sequences, she encounters the self she has been
and the self that she can become. From her musings emerges a passionate self-declaration, elucidated by repeated choreographic motifs, flashbacks and flashforwards, and the evolution of color and set decor. By extension, GOLDEN affirms a woman’s right to define herself- rather than be defined by others – as a thinking, feeling, and sexual being. At the same time, it also rejects the notion that aging women have an “expiration date” in terms of inherent value. In all, GOLDEN is a unique alchemy- from drudgery to sparkling beauty.
Kate Mitchell – Director, Choroegraphy, Production Design & Producer
Bianca Cabrera – Choreography
Margaret Tappan – Key Cast
Heath Orchard – Director of Photography
Ben Estabrook – Creative Consultant, Camera Operator
Ben Juodvalkis – Music
Ava Childs – Costume Design
Josh Levine – Line Producer
Editors – Simon Fildes & Lindsay Gauthier
Matt Stouppe – Lighting Designer/Gaffer

Beyond this moment film by Alyona Amato (c) 2018 (USA)

The film was inspired by my students-moms who stopped dancing after they had kids. They still dreamed about it. Because of the love for dancing they returned to the studio. Seeing them crying from a joy of being able to move their body again and create a special dance-time just for themselves was a strong inspiration. Where is a boarder between a dream and reality? Sometimes there is none. Life is too short to give up on your dreams. Follow your heart and make it happen.
The paints are a reflection of an art therapy for a soul.
Alyona Amato – Choreographer & Director
Erika Edwards – Filmmaker & Director

Magnifying Rigor film by Bailey Anderson (c) 2019 (USA)

Magnifying Rigor offers a quiet dance created in private places. Where are you invite you to look? What gets magnified through film? What do micro rigorous movements look and feel like? Sink into this miniature world of one dance artist’s perspective on hidden rigor.
Bailey Anderson – Director

Breathing Spaces film by Carolyn Rabbers (c) 2019 (USA)

With How does your breath affect you, your relationships, and your choices? Do you let yourself breathe?
Carolyn Pampalone Rabbers – Director

Reunification film by Jeff Dimitriou (CANADA)

Using movement as the primary story telling tool, we explore the toxicity of ones negative thoughts and beliefs of themselves and how important it is for one to shed that which does not serve them.
Jeff Dimitriou – Director & Writer
JDX Creative – Producer
Ensemble Cast – Key Cast

Jo with ottoman, Melbourne, August 2018 film by Siobhan Murphy (c) 2019 (AUSTRALIA)

A portrait of dancer Joanne White, with a piece of furniture from her home.
Siobhan Murphy – Director & Choreographer
Joanne White – Key Cast & Choreographer

Incantation film by Hanna-Mari Ojala (c) 2019 (FINLAND)

A Incantation make me soar, words of flesh show me the door.Move me, move me blinding light, transfer this shuttle beyond the night.I am ready, dig me deep, carve out demons, set them free.Burn my mind and burn my past, the lies they owed no longer last.This my body, this the truth, empty my hold to bear new fruit.Set my course for the rising sun, behold my heart, the time has come. Hanna Ojala – Director, Writer, Producer & Key Cast

Dance of the Neurons film by Jody Oberfelder and Eric Siegel (c) 2015 (USA)

24 Dancers embody the birth of neurons.
Jody Oberfelder and Eric Siegel – Director
c with a circle productions – Producer
Dancers – Kirsten Adler, Ariel Asch, Megan Bascom, Sarah Chein, Martin Davis, Caitlin Dutton, Kevin Fay, Ben Follensbee, Cecilia Fontanesi, Fana Fraser, Emily Giovine, Jacob Goodhart, Madison Krekel, Jordan Holland, Weiji Ma, Mary Madsen, Lindsey Mandolini, Jody Oberfelder, Bo Pressly, Jule Jo Ramirez, Celine Syslo, Amanda Tay, Emily Wassyng, Hannah Wendel & Madeline Wilcox
Daniel Wohl – Music

C o n n e c t i v i t y film by Jessica Ray (c) 2019 (USA)

CONNECTIVITY is an examination of the ebb and flow of connection in our lives. A duet exploring what it means to connect and disconnect with meaningful relationships in our life. Inspired by Street Song, a poem written by A.R. Ammons.
Jessica Karis Ray – Director, video and editing
Dancers – Casey LaVres & Caitlin Parish

Bushwick NYC – dance mashup film by Elin Osjord (c) 2018 (NORWAY)

Troutman street, Bushwick, being mashed up by the weird, moving enjoyment of two dancer. Tricking the viewers brain into an altered set of reality.
Elin Osjord – Director, Producer & Key Cast
Chriz Nypan – Key Cast

Kick-up Hick-up Will You Won’t You (Join The Dance) film by Kosta Karakashyan (c) 2019 (BULGARIA)

A morning stroll in Onagawa turns sour when unfamiliar surroundings and information overload suddenly turn hostile on you. When too much is going on, and the voice in your head turns out too demanding, all you can do is let go and dance.
Kosta Karakashyan – Director, Dancer & Editor
Hannah Story Brown – Writer
Studio Karakashyan – Producer
Claire Kowalewski – Director of Photography
Thomas Nielsen – Music

Stages film by Angela Rosales Challis (c) 2019 (USA)

An animated Screendance that abstracts negative emotions that society has taught us to hide.
This project developed through dance and camera improvisation based on a poem. Chang Liu, a Chinese, queer, exceptional dancer, is able to explore those emotions with power and sensibility.
Angela Rosales Challis – Director & Caminatore
Chang Liu – Dancer and Choregrapher

Between the Lines film by Jen Guy Metcalf (c) 2019 (USA)

An individual finds herself in isolation and navigates internal barriers while searching for an exit.
Jen Guy Metcalf – Director & Choreographer
Stephanie Kim – Performer
Elon in LA/Elon University – Producer
J McMerty – Director of Photography
Ezio Bosso – Composer
Crew – Meg Boericke, Youngkai Lin & Marella Sabio

Poison Melody by Curtis Eller (official video) film by Jim Haverkamp (c) 2019 (USA)

Can lonely shadow puppets find true love? The answer unfolds in this colorful, psychedelic music video for Curtis Eller’s American Circus.
Jim Haverkamp – Director
Curtis Eller – Writer
Stacy Wolfson – Dancer
Alan S. Best of Alan Best

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