FEBRUARY 2020 FilmFest by Rogue Dancer: BODY Landscape Edition

FilmFest by Rogue Dancer On-Line Screening begins NOW through March 1st

FEBRUARY 2020: BODY Landscape Showcase HERE

*** DISCLAIMER needed here. There is nudity in Splosh, Re:Born, HOME, INDWELLING & ONTBREEKBAARHEID. There is a Strobe-like effect in Project 2. nonlinear. ***

Here is your PLAYBILL:

Tierra y fuego film by Tellier Dominique (c) 2020 (FRANCE)

Birth, life and future of a furious volcanic land by the dance performer Juliette Tellier.
Tellier Dominique – Director
Black Quest – Producer
Juliette Tellier – Dancer
Paul Denis Rochelle – Editor

La ciociara film by Cara Scrementi (c) 2016 USA

“La ciociara” explores the state of shock of two individuals who experienced the same traumatic event. It is a fragmented visual representation of their reactions and initial attempt to see beyond the past. The film also seeks to demonstrate the selfless support of someone – or anyone – in helping another in need.
Cara Scrementi – Director, Choreographer & Editor
Key Cast – Tess Voelker & Ginny Ngo
Martha Carter – Lighting Design
Andrew Bird – Music
Victoire – Music

Splosh film by Hanna-Mari Ojala (c) 2019 FINLAND

A story of falling in love.
Hanna Ojala – Director, Writer & Producer

Re:Born film by Fleur Bax and Annemijn Rijk (c) 2019 NETHERLANDS

Re:Born – a short dance film about getting up
As if she had collapsed from the sky. We see a creature motionless on the ground, under the mucus and with just enough power to breathe. The long legs stretched out, the knees bony. The face hidden under the arms, anonymous, alone. To survive, an apparently impossible challenge lies in the prospect: Getting up.

How do you get up if you are thrown into life so hard? How do you proceed if life attacks you bluntly? How do you stand up if you don’t know how to get your body together? Re: Born is dance film about the force that must be found and that must be felt in every fiber, the force that is needed to believe in the body (again), that is needed to rise.
Nicole van den Berg – Dancer
Annemijn Rijk – Director, Concept & Choreography
Fleur Bax – Director
David van der Drift – Director of Photography
Aura Bouw – Music and composition
Noa Kosanović – Camera assistance
Flip Kwakkel – Sound and director assistant
Sophie Gipmans – Make-up and stills photography
Erik Wiedenhof – Grader
Makershuis Tilburg – Producer

Virulent film by Marianne Bator (c) 2019 USA

Virulent is a piece based on the research of the bacteria Legionella Pneumophila
Marianne Bator – Director
Chelsey Nagy – Dancer

HOME film by Jenny Larsson (c) 2017 USA

With the experimental short film HOME, I am looking at how the Everglades (Florida) has changed and are changing today. The disappearing land, traditions and mythologies connected to the native tribes, the fluctuation of water and water qualities, the natural vs the engineered water flows, the endangered plant species and animal life. I use this new mythological character, the golden shape-shifter, to describe the problematic. She becomes a universal symbol of what happens to a land when the “gold” moves in.
Jenny Larsson – Director, Writer & Dancer
Wild Beast Collective & Voltagge Factory – Producer
Dag Rosenqvist (SWE) – Composer

INDWELLING film by Cara Hagan (c) 2019 USA

A soft body, rigid mountains; home. Holding. New life on the verge.
Cara Hagan – Director

Claim film by Keely Song (c) 2019 USA

CLAIM is a screendance honoring pregnancy and labor as a place of motion and power.
Keely Song – Director
Angela Rosalis Challis – Cinematographer

Movement in Structure (c) 2018 film by Shaun Clarke USA

A short dance film exploring the relationship between a dancer and the space he performs in.
Shaun Clarke – Director
John Lam – Choreographer & Dancer

ONTBREEKBAARHEID. Beyond the body (c) 2017 film by Maya Wuytack BELGIUM

Poet & Director Maya Wuytack explores the poetics of the body and the language of senses. She creates a dialogue between language and what is older than language: the primal poetry of the skin. On this border between inner and outer worlds an intimate dance unfolds between the dream and the dreaming body. Together with dancer Mileen Borgonjon she creates a hypnotic physical score in which body and poetry merge. Taking the camera so close to the skin, the body becomes universal. These ‘skinespheres’ reveal a moving abstraction of our human condition. Soaking the imagination to the underlying life forces, more pure and inexplicable than our everyday ‘identities’.
Maya Wuytack – Director, Writer, Producer & Dancer
POST.TRAUM.Collective – Producer
Province East-Flanders – Producer
Mileen Borgonjon – Dancer
Hans Beckers – Dancer

Project 2. nonlinear film by Justin Tornow & Sean Thegen Ultrabillions (c) 2020 USA

Project 2: nonlinear is an improvisation for movement and sound by beta tests, filmed live with visual synthesizer in the Blue Room at The Fruit, Durham NC on December 28, 2019 and edited by Justin Tornow. beta tests is Sean Thegen (modular synthesis) and Justin Tornow (movement).
Sean Thegen / Ultrabillions – Key Cast
Justin Tornow – Dancer

Brick and Body film by Shirley – Anne Bezuidenhout (c) 2019 SOUTH AFRICA

Site Specific Dance Film. Shirley is a Cape Town based dancer, choreographer and recently, film maker, enthusiastic about movement on film.
Shirley – Anne Bezuidenhout – Director
Sasha Fourie Myburgh – Dancer

Portrait film by Juliette Machado USA

This film was created in Bellingham, WA by members of the Bellingham Repertory Dance company. It explores human qualities in movement with a focus on the individual. The audio score is composed entirely of sounds captured on set. It is designed to add depth and texture to the visual elements, and aims to give the viewer a rich experience of the dancers themselves.
Juliette Machado – Director, Cinematographer, Editor & Dancer
Emma Harvey & Charlotte Stickles – Choreographers
Dancers – Hannah Andersen, Elizabeth Belyea, Ellie Evans, Marísa Fernandez, Cecelia Hanford, Celeste Hartsook, Emma Harvey, Cassie Skye Howlett, Hannah Rothschiller, Tatyana Stahler & Charlotte Stickles
Bonnie Smerdon – Production Assistant / Set Photographer

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