JANUARY 2020 FilmFest by Rogue Dancer: ADULT-ing Edition

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La Folía film by Adam Grannick (c) 2016 USA

La Folía is a visual anthology of twenty-four short stories, from the imaginations of over a dozen different people and all inspired by variations on the same ancient melody. The thematic story that links La Folía’s stories begins and ends the film, returning its protagonist full circle, yet changed.

The story follows the pain, loss, joy and redemption of a young ballet student whose body type excludes her from being considered for a role for which she is eminently qualified in skill and passion.

The twenty-four stories underlie the young dancer’s narrative arc and embody the joy, absurdity, sorrow, fury, and ecstasy she must face before realizing her own irrational fears and doubts are all that prevent her from performing a triumphant audition.
Adam Grannick – Director, Writer
Writers – Elana Estrin, Elliott Forrest, Renana Fox, Sanaz Ghajar, Rich Johnson, Cheryl Krugel-Lee, Mickey Lewitter, Erin E. McGuff & David Schaum
Adriana Spencer – Writer & Producer
The Dancer’s Dream Fund – Producer
Key Cast – Maria Romano, Michael Simon Hall, Joe Sullivan, Naomi Lewin, Mekhi Lee, Kiyoko Kashiwagi, Calum Reid, Omayra Amaya, Ryann Weir, Diane Chen, Silvana Jakich, Kurt Grube, Matthew Bovee, Jayna Katz, Andrew Dunn, Mona Depena & Jaden Amistad
Stephanie Iscovitz – Assistant Director
Staci Myer-Klein – Assistant Director
Olivia Kimmel – Director of Photography
Mickey Lewitter – Director of Photography
Steven Latta – Director of Photography

Volume Up film by Sydney Samson (c) 2019 USA

A dance film that serves as a voice for the voiceless. Climate change is real, and it is severe. It is time for us all to wake up and fight for our planet.
Sydney Samson – Director
Sarah Bodony – Key Cast

Going Home (Naar Huis) film by Harrie Verbeek (c) 2019 NETHERLANDS

At his mother Annabel’s request André returns home to visit his dying father Theo. Together with his sister Sanne, her husband Victor and son Teun the family confronts each other with their inability to communicate. When daydreams of their younger years remembers them how they used to be, the family manages to open up as they attract and push away each other in a heart gripping choreography while heading for the inevitable.
Harrie Verbeek – Director
Monne Tuinhout – Producer
Jelena Kostić – Choreographer

Boat film by Stephanie Nugent (c) 2018 USA

BOAT (screen-dance), Directed by Stephanie Nugent, with Cinematography, Sound Design and Editing by Charles Borowicz, and collaborating performance by Nugent and Savannah Cox, explores a mother’s timely and timeless relationship with her tween daughter, kinesthetically drawing viewers in to experience an unique bond charged by love, burden, support, empathy, and a shared passion for independence.
Stephanie Nugent – Artistic Direction, Choreography, Director, Producer & Cast
Charles Borowicz – Cinematography, Editing, Sound Design & Director
Savannah Cox – Choreographer & Cast

Laundry Day film by Hannah M Weber (c) 2016 USA

It’s that time of the week, the most excruciating chore that takes a whole day to get done. It’s Laundry Day. An excruciatingly mundane day of sitting, waiting, watching, and doing. When our dancer enters the scene, she becomes trapped by the laundromat’s hypnotic mechanics. The sounds of quarters, people, broken radios, and dryers inhabits her own sound score for waiting and folding. “Laundry Day” is a short dance film that embodies all these sensations, and more.
Hannah M. Weber – Director, Choreographer & Editor
Tori Duhaime – Key Cast & Choreographer
Stéphane Glynn – Cinematographer
Sam Katz – Production Sound
Monica Remes – Production Assistant
Huiwang Zhang – Production Assistant

Breath and Bone film by Misha Penton (c) 2018 (USA)

An experimental dance film by filmmaker and musician Misha Penton with dancer and choreographer Neil Ellis Orts.
Misha Penton – Director, Editor, Producer, Sound Score & Composer
Neil Ellis Orts – Choreographer, Dancer & Voices

…and then the dishwasher got broken film by Nadya Zeitlin (c) 2019 USA

Laundry. Chopping, boiling, stirring lunch. And load the dishwasher.
Woman (artist) caught up in the indefinite circle of domestic chores.
Nadya Zeitlin – Director, Producer & Dancer
Mangrove Productions – Videographer
Michael Brooks – Music
Ben Noyes – cello – Music
Aidana D. – Creative Advisor

Ellis won’t be Dancing Today film by Juliette Machado (c) 2016 USA

Ellis won’t be Dancing Today is a dance/theatre piece about one woman’s story of her husband and Alzheimer’s disease. This work was originally created as a live performance piece by Kuntz and Company for the Palliative Care Summer Institute in July 2014. Directors, Pam Kuntz and Juliette Machado collaborated to adapt the piece into a short film starring Jim Lortz and Marilyn Flint.
Pam Kuntz – Director & Choreographer
Juliette Machado – Director, Cinematographer & Editor
Jim Lortz – Cast
Marylin Flint – Cast
Spencer Thun – Composer
Damian Cade – Sound Design
Megan Dechaine – Production Assistant

Making Men [10′] film by Antoine Panier and Harold George (c) 2018 BELGIUM

Making Men examines the question of masculinity. This dance film zooms in on 4 individuals in the process of becoming men. As is expected, they proceed unquestioningly into manhood through various stages of their lives, adopting the clearly coded characteristics allowed by society.

However, a feeling of unease, in the very depths of their being, oppresses them. They feel uncertainty but also something else, harder to define…

Shot in the breathtaking landscape of Zimbabwe, the film features strong and rhythmical choreography but also a special camera work that intensifies emotions inspired by the movement.
Antoine Panier – Director
Harold George – Choreographers
Antoine Panier – Writer
Harold George – Writer
Dunia Dance Theatre – Producer
Cast – Peter Lenso, Tinashe Jerry, Carlton Zhanelo, Tatenda Chabarwa & Harold George

A Big Girl’s House film by Jennifer Scully-Thurston (c) 2017 USA

A Big Girl’s House is a coming of age story of a maturing dancer getting trapped behind the bars of domesticity and motherhood.
Jennifer Scully-Thurston – Director, Writer, Producer & Dancer
Hymettus Woods (aka Christopher Scully-Thurston) – Composer

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February 2020 – Body Landscape
(with a LIVE Screening @ EVOLVE Movement Studio, FRI., MARCH, 6th @ 7pm)

March 2020 – Saturated

April 2020 – Dysfunction

May 2020 – Black & White
(with a LIVE Screening @ SHADOWBOX Studios, SUN., JUNE, 7th @ 7pm)

June 2020 – JOYful

July 2020 – Travel

August 2020 – h2o
(with a LIVE Screening @ SHADOWBOX Studios, SUN., SEPT., 6th @ 7pm)

September 2020 – Landscape

October 2020 – Fantasy

SUN., NOV., 8th, 2020 @ 7pm LIVE Screening @ SHADOWBOX Studios, “Rogue Dancer Choice Screening”

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