DECEMBER 2019 FilmFest by Rogue Dancer: Perspective SHIFT Edition

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Promenade (c) 2015 film by Cirila Luz Ferrón ARGENTINA

They are time,
Silence and space.
They are angles,
Darkness and light.
And also colours.
They are vertices
Doors and windows
Floors and ceilings
They are their home.
Their bodies, the architecture of their being and their lives

Our film brings together dance, video and architecture in order to find new readings of space, making connections that design a virtual journey between functional and symbolic dimensions of architecture and poetic and geometric dimensions of space. Articulated by the choreography, our bodies and the camera’s eye look for new associations and senses.
Cirila Luz Ferron – Director & Writer
Proyecto en Bruto – Producer
Key Cast – Florencia Olivieri, Julia Aprea, María Bevilacqua, Paula Dreyer, Mariana Provenzano, Carola Ruiz & Mariana Saez
Florencia Olivieri – Choreographer
Joaquin Elicabe Urriol – Camera
Fondo Nacional de las Artes – Sponsor

The Double (c) 2016 film by Nicola Hepp (Netherlands)

A hallucinatory landscape of dreams where language dissolves and movement and song becomes the only means of navigation between dreaming and waking.

A man experiences an unsettling encounter with someone very much like himself.
The Double is about the anonymity of urban life and takes its inspiration from the notion of a ‘doppelgänger’, a double.
In the words of artist and curator of the Screendance Festival Breaking 8’s Alessandra Pisu: A film about unexpressed possibilities, roads not taken, epiphanies, revealing glimpses; and that old fear, of meeting in person- someday-somewhere- the person we could have been.
Nicola Hepp – Director
Key Cast – Gihan Koster & Terencio Douw

MASS film by Fu LE, Adrien Gontier (c) 2019 FRANCE

MASS is a 10 minutes single take video-dance shot in Paris. The project was framed within the Danse en Seine’s choreographic workshops, including 40 amateur dancers. Images of the crowd appear more and more often and symbolize the current upheavals all over the world, evoking alternately parties, migrations, manifestations, gatherings or just the daily life of big cities. We thus work on the mass, with all the drunkenness it can inspire. We confront the individual with crowd movements, in order to observe how he resists or lets immerse himself.
Fu LE – Director & Writer
Adrien Gontier – Director

a chaonte film by Susan Haines (c) 2016 US

A dance for the camera that examines contentment, complacency, and escape in a relationship with tight parameters. Choreography by Susan Haines set to music “chaonte” by Bruce Hamilton.
Susan HainesDirector
Key Cast – Lotte Haschke & Danielle Short
Bruce Hamilton – Music

Doubles (c) 2019 film by Daniel Gwirtzman (US)
kabaret-freeze (c) 2013 film by Dave Lojek (Germany)

Time stops around the creative people of Hamburgerkino. We can take a look at their faces and observe the situations they inhabit. The biggest open filmmaking workshop in Europe gathers talents and artists from all fields.
Dave Lojek – Director, Writer & Producer
Maxime Billon – Director, Writer, Producer & Director of Photography

House of Joy film by Robert Uehlin,Choreography Raven Jones (c) 2018 US

House of Joy was produced as a part of the 2018 Oregon Dance Film Commission. It was made in collaboration with dancer and choreographer Raven Jones of Woflbird Dance in Portland, Oregon. Shot entirely on Kodak Super 8mm film, the piece chronicles one person’s struggle to let go of what they thought life would be like.
Robert Uehlin – Filmmaker
Raven Jones – Choreographer & Key Cast
Rosanna Yerke – Location Sound
Sari Hoke – Rehearsal Talent
Stephen Kimbrell – Production Assistant
Sophia Emigh – Production Assistant

The Man Who Traveled Nowhere in Time film by Vincent René-Lortie, Choreography by Kyra Jean Green (c) 2019 CANADA

Through the eyes of Eytan, a man who only exists in the dreams and unconscious minds of others, we question what is “real”, what isn’t, and how we each perceive time differently.
Kyra Jean Green – Choreographer, Writer & Dancer
Vincent René-Lortie – Director
Telescope Films – Producer
Guillaume Marin – Editor
Nataq Huault – Sound editor
Alexandre Nour – Cinematographer
Dancers – Brittney Canda, Alexandre Carlos, Charles-Alexis Desgagnés, Janelle Hacault, Geneviève Gagné & Emmanuelle Martin
Franz Schubert – Music
Geneviève Boiteau – Art Director
Simon Boisx – Colorist
Antoine Ryan – 1st AC
Juliette Lossky – Gaffer
Jean-François Gauthier – Grip
JB Proulx – Graphic Design

scope film by Paulina Rutman (c) 2019 CHILE

Scope is a dance film that takes us to a geometric game of the body, gravity, and space. A kaleidoscope in motion that leads us in a triangular, futuristic or to another galaxy.
Paulina Rutman – Director, Producer, Choreographer & Editor
Daniel Ruby – Director of photography & Camera
Dancers – Natalia Garcia, Luis Leiva, Magdalena Maldonado, Andrea Zuloaga, Tamara Cancino, Verónica Jimenez & Camila Olavarria
Cuti Aste – Composer

Bending Reality film by Elin Osjord (c) 2018 NORWAY

A man in a process of bending the constant influx of reality, trying to balance the outside world with his inside world.
Elin Osjord – Director & Producer
Jens Jeffry Trinidad – Key Cast

After The Reign: Confusion (c) 2017 film by Jennifer Scully-Thurston (US)

This is a one minute dance film interpretation of a woman experiencing the confusing and schizophrenic nature of loss. Confronting many versions of herself and the beginning of healing process.
Jennifer Scully-Thurston – Director, Writer & Producer
Sharon Carelock – Key Cast
Christopher Scully-Thurston – Composer
Dustin Glasco – Editor

ABOVE film by Shirley – Anne Bezuidenhout (c) 2019 South Africa

Experimenting with movement and choreography as viewed from above.

Remember film by Hanna Ojala (c) 2019 FINLAND

Hanna Ojala – Director, Writer, Producer & Key Cast

But First… (c) 2018 film by Erin Brown Thomas (US)

Coffee literally changes the way I see, think, and interact with other people. BUT FIRST is my way of exploring this through two of my favorite mediums, film and dance.
Erin Brown Thomas – Director
Mike Esperanza – Choreographer

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UPCOMING THEMES (We are curating/ categorizing as we go, so submit all your DANCE Films)

January 2020 – Adulting
(with a LIVE Screening @ SHADOWBOX Studios, SUN., FEBRUARY. 2nd @ 7pm)

February 2020 – Body Landscape
(with a LIVE Screening @ EVOLVE Movement Studio, FRI., MARCH, 6th @ 7pm)

March 2020 – Saturated

April 2020 – Dysfunction

May 2020 – Black & White
(with a LIVE Screening @ SHADOWBOX Studios, SUN., JUNE, 7th @ 7pm)

June 2020 – JOYful

July 2020 – Travel

August 2020 – h2o
(with a LIVE Screening @ SHADOWBOX Studios, SUN., SEPT., 6th @ 7pm)

September 2020 – Landscape

October 2020 – Fantasy

SUN., NOV., 8th, 2020 @ 7pm LIVE Screening @ SHADOWBOX Studios, “Rogue Dancer Choice Screening”

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