NOVEMBER 2019 FilmFest by Rogue Dancer: FALL-ing Edition

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Otis Walks Into The Woods (c) 2016 film by Derrick Belcham & Emily Terndrup (US)

Otis Walks In The Woods depicts the dynamic relationship of power, possession and otherness within a transparent environment. Set within the historic landmark, The Philip Johnson Glass House, the dancers are at once within and without the glass enclosure, oscillating between the frustrating realities of the banality of their present and the idealizations of the outside world. The architecture of the grounds becomes the anchoring metaphor for the pair’s dual states of rigidity and flow. Within the seemingly fixed and defined walls of the main structure, the minds of the dancers are explored in an excerpt of their complexity.

Derrick Belcham- Director/ Writer
Emily Terndrup- Director/ Writer/ Key Cast
Emily Terndrup- Writer
The Philip Johnson Glass House- Producer
A Story Told Well- Producer
Maxwell Perkins- Key Cast

A Ragged Sayonara (c) 2018 film by Alex Maness (Durham, NC US)

A hallucinatory landscape of dreams where language dissolves and movement and song becomes the only means of navigation between dreaming and waking.

Alex Maness- Director/ Producer
Stacy Wolfson- Writer/ Choreographer/ dancer/ Key Cast “snow dancer”/ harmony vocals/ Producer
Curtis Eller- Writer/ Banjo player/ songwriter/ dancer/ Key Cast “snow dancer/banjo player”/ lead vocals/ Producer
Jim Haverkamp- Producer
Dana Marks- Key Cast “Haunting Aria”
Jessi Knight- Key Cast “dancer”
Williiam Commander- Key Cast “dancer”

danza todo el tiempo (Dance All Time) film by Sergi Gras (c) 2019 (Spain)

It is a modest approach to dance practice, where the dancers in their last academic year live intensely the change of stage, soon they will leave their dance school behind to try to join a professional company.

Sergi Gras- Director/ Producer
Rafael Cascón- Key Cast
Sara Cubillo- Key Cast
Clara Manuela Fernández-Merino- Key Cast
Blanca Martínez- Key Cast
Sandra Navazo- Key Cast
Laura Rubini- Key Cast
Oziel Satrústegui- Key Cast
Andrés Alonso- Music
Jose Fontes- Color

Traces (c) 2018 film by Nicola Hepp (Netherlands)

A man and a woman together alone in a relationship that seems to drain them both. Is this the end or the beginning of the end?
The film Traces takes its inspiration from Jason Mabana’s dance piece ‘Last Line’ which he created for the JMD/Urban Contemporary Department of the Amsterdam School of the Arts in 2018. Director Nicola Hepp felt a deep connection to his work and juxtaposed the movement material with ideas of representing a failing relationship. The underlying sense of time, rush and fragility informs the viewer of a sadness inherent to the duet.

dance – Gina Aussen and Luc de Raad
choreography – Jason Mabana
camera, edit and grading – Alessio Reedijk
camera assistant – Esther Murdock
runner – Maxime Abbenhues
music – Koen van Baal
soundmix – Good Sounds
directed and edited by Nicola Hepp

YOU WILL FALL AGAIN (c) 2015 a film by Alex Pachón

A locked room. A man in a wheelchair. A crack in the ceiling. An escape attempt comes at a damaging price. An obscure and unsettling dialog between a crack and the response from the body presented on the screen.

Álex Pachón- Director/ Writer
Patricia Sánchez- Producer, laudiovisual prod.
Joan Català- Key Cast
Núria Gàmiz- Cinematographer

Le Chorégrave (c) 2017 film by Jake Russell (France)

At a Christmas diner where connections between people is impossible, Salla is trying to make them move..A performance with live music and dance in a one shot film.

Jake Russell- Director/ Writer
Russell Stead- Producer
Eddy Djebarat- Key Cast
Salla Lintonen- Key Cast
Bronix- Key Cast

No One Is Alone (c) 2013 film by Richard Daniels (NYC, US)

This is one of 7 short films contained in the App Dancing Sondheim by Richard Daniels, Volume 4 from Dances for an iPhone. In this movie, Janis Brenner dances and sings to a song from Into the Woods, Children Will Listen.

Richard Daniels- Director/ Writer/ Producer
Janis Brenner- Key Cast

Human (c) 2019 film by Erin Brown Thomas (US)

We were not meant to be worshipped… but we needed to be seen.

Erin Brown Thomas- Director/ Writer/ Producer
Selkie Hom- Writer/ Producer/ Key Cast
Lauren Reid Brown- Producer
Beth Napoli- Cinematographer

The Flow (c) 2017 film by Elias Djemil (Canada)

Feeling the flow, that moment when you are in absolute synchronicity with what you’re doing, no need to think, juste feel the vibe and let the flow guide your spirit. A meditation. A moment of deepness. A moment of dance.

Elias Djemil- Director

Three on four (c) 2016 film Marty Buhler (US)

This film is about the re-imagination of sound and movement. Through the decorporealization of both body and sound, I created choreography and a sound score that emerged from within the elements given. creating a new work that does not exist in the corporeal sense.

Marty Buhler- Director
Justin Bass- Key Cast
Tyler Orcutt- Key Cast
Marty Buhler- Key Cast
Angela Rosales Challis- Camera operators
Dat Nguyen- Camera operators
Brianna Lopez- Sound
Eduardo Sayles- color correction

Gravity’s Angel (c) 2015 film by Rosie Trump (US)

Gravity’s Angel underscores the pull of gravity. The momentum of a singular movement transforms from banal to absurd.

Rosie Trump- Director/ Choreograoher
Katie Jean Dahlaw (Dancer)- Key Cast
Ellie Komito-Camera
Casey Martinson- Editors
Justin Tanks- Editors

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UPCOMING THEMES (We are curating/ categorizing as we go, so submit all your DANCE Films)

December 2019 – Perspective SHIFT

January 2020 – Adulting
(with a LIVE Screening @ SHADOWBOX Studios, SUN., FEBRUARY. 2nd @ 7pm)

February 2020 – Body Landscape
(with a LIVE Screening @ EVOLVE Movement Studio, FRI., MARCH, 6th @ 7pm)

March 2020 – Saturated

April 2020 – Dysfunction

May 2020 – Black & White
(with a LIVE Screening @ SHADOWBOX Studios, SUN., JUNE, 7th @ 7pm)

June 2020 – Jubilee

July 2020 – Travel

August 2020 – h2o
(with a LIVE Screening @ SHADOWBOX Studios, SUN., SEPT., 6th @ 7pm)

September 2020 – Landscape

October 2020 – Fantasy

SUN., NOV., 8th, 2020 @ 7pm LIVE Screening @ SHADOWBOX Studios, “Rogue Dancer Choice Screening”

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