Best Female Director for WALLPAPERS

WALLPAPERS wins!!! Please enjoy!!!

Rogue Dancer Productions is so thankful to the incredible team of artists that is helpeing to produce these very special films. Special thanks to Jeff Roll, who pulled me out of the middle of nowhere and made me realize that my artistic life was not over. Jeff, you got this ball rolling in the right direction.

Thank you to the WALLPAPERS.

Director – Jennifer Scully-Thurston & Jeff Roll

Genre – Dance, short film

Duration – 8 minutes 59 seconds

Country – United States

Language – English

Year – 2014

SYNOPSIS : A movement and film exploration of unconscious dysfunctional behaviors. Things done under extreme duress when others make us feel like we’re as important as wallpaper.


Best Female Director – October 2019

The Rogue Dancer TEAM… Christopher Scully-Thurston, Hazel McLester, Stella McLester, Dustin Travis Glasco, Jeff Roll, DeeDee Chmielewski, Jacqueline Woo, Nicole Adams, Noelle Kayser, Kristin O’Neal, Nadya Zeitlin, Onur Topal-Sumer, Sharon Carelock, Elizabeth Geiger & Terry Hollis.

My heart goes out to the family and friends of Terry Hollis, Rest In Peace, my dear dear friend and beautiful performer. I thought we had many more projects ahead of us. You are missed and you made a difference in my life.

This TEAM gets bigger with each project… Lets do it again tomorrow…

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