OCTOBER 2019 Film Fest by Rogue Dancer: Halloween Edition

Film Fest by Rogue Dancer is proud to announce our OCT 2019 – Halloween Edition On-Line Film Festival.

Film Fest by Rogue Dancer On-Line Screening begins NOW through Nov 3rd, 2019.

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Here is your PLAYBILL:

Taste of Night (c) 2017 film by Liudmila Komrakova (Russian Federation) – A brilliant handsome man meets a young girl at the ball and tries to seduce her. How will end this attempt, if one of them is an extraordinary creature?

BREATH (c) 2018 film by Nicola Hepp (Netherlands) – A moment of seeing on the outside what exists on the inside.

itsy bitsy (c) 2015 film by JuJu & Lisa Kusanagi (Japan) – According to research, there are 9 different types of intelligence; naturalistic, musical, logical-mathematical, existential, interpersonal, bodily-kinesthetic, linguistic, intra-personal, and spatial. Kusanagi Sisters question alternative types of intelligence not previously defined. 

Altera (c) 2018 Film by Baptiste Rouveure (France) – Altera, it’s the other. The other who would be a weight and that we reject. Then what remains to build our reference points, our identity and not to sink into the otherness of a life finding echo only in our own reflection ? Altera results from an experimental and sensory performance bring by 13 dancers from Montpellier, where only the self-expression through movement has value of language.

Mister Metronome (c) 2018 film by Shaun Clark (US) – A short dance film exploring the relationship between a dancer and his rebellious tempo-keeper.

Passage (c) 2016 film by Michael Slobodian (Canada) – Passage is an experimental dance film with improvisational movement by Darren Devaney. The idea of someone moving through a passage, sometimes pausing, breaking down, moving forward and backward creates a parallel to one’s journey through time. The Passage is like a channel or road that we move through, a departure and end point.

Icon (c) 2019 film by Guillaume Versteeg (Netherlands) – ICON is about the creating of an image, an unattainable icon of perfection that is pursued in vain. Again and again we are confronted by this, as are the figures in this film. In the world that they created, they discover their imperfections and project this on the icon they designed themselves . They give her the shape they can not attain, a shape of this perfect image that can last only briefly. An endless practice in repetition, in increased expectations, in the self-imposed expectation of perfection that can never be fully achieved.  This pursuit of perfection is something that reflects on our society in many different ways. In the dance, and film industry, these expectations are further enhanced. The constant inner and external pressure to be the best, to meet a beauty standard and to be a model of perfection, creates an enormous pressure on the self-image. As a result, we create an ideal image for ourselves that we almost worship but equally despise, because it emphasizes all our shortcomings. We should be better, faster, prettier. The form and content of the film emphasize and abstract this inner struggle.

Takako Vs. Nine Lives (c) 2018 film by Lauren Wolkstein – Takako Vs. Nine Lives is screen dance that uses a hybrid dance language and multiple camera perspectives to create parodic feminist interpretation of a three act balletic pas de deux/ three round wrestling match. The choreography, performed to an original score, draws upon vocabulary and aesthetic imagery from professional wrestling, classical ballet, comic books and Japanese manga.  The action follows a mythological narrative, with characters behaving according to codes employed in Greek mythology, fairy tales and commedia dell’ arte.  A battle unfolds, reflecting the interconnectedness of love and violence, beauty and monstrosity, strength and vulnerability.

SEQUOYAH – BLUE JAYS (c) film by Lev Omelchenko (US) – Blue Jays depicts a young boy discovering and actualizing an expressive energy within himself. Set in the lush forest of Atlanta, Sequoyah Murray embodies an ancient winged spirit calling on the boy (August Murray) to not be afraid, to embrace his desire to dance, to be free. The film offers an alternative to the brutal and dehumanizing imagery that we consume on an everyday basis, and provides a healing vision.  

GRIN KEPT (c) 2019 Film by Britt Whitmoyer Fishel (US)  

Solitudeiso (Solitude) (c) 2018 film by Hanna-Mari Ojala (Finland) – A story of love & memories.

4 ~ (c) 2018 film by Rodrigo Rocha-Campos (Canada) – 4 ~ is an exploration of a world initially marked by precision of movement and lack of emotion. Set in a minimalist world devoid of life 4 ~ unfolds through contemporary dance, unsettling sounds and surreal visuals.

Don’t Put Me In A Box (c) 2019 film by Mollie Kellogg (US) – G the Incognito Witch, Ginger Anxiety, Incognito Marilyn and Cousin Chris share formative memories of childhood. Written, composed and performed by Mollie Kellogg

I See You See I See You (c) 2017 film by Chen Jiexiao (Singapore) – In a world of visually discernible information, one does as one sees.  Perhaps, consequently, we lose the ability to make tactile sense of our reality.  What if reality went whimsical on us – could we still waddle together, even without really seeing?

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UPCOMING THEMES (We are curating/ categorizing as we go, so submit all your DANCE Films)

November 2019 – FALL-ing
December 2019 – Perspective SHIFT
January 2020 – Adulting
February 2020 – Body (with a LIVE Screening @ EVOLVE Studio)
March 2020 – Saturated
April 2020 – Dysfunction
May 2020 – Black & White
June 2020 – Jubilee
July 2020 – Travel
August 2020 – H2O
September 2020 – Landscape
October 2020 – Fantasy

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