Seuls Ensemble (Alone Together) @ App State ADF’s “Movies by Movers” Dance Film Festival

Rogue Dancer is headed to the hills of North Carolina to tell the love story of a middle aged couple in Space. ADF’s Movies by Movers is screening at Appalachian State University Thurs. – Sat., Oct. 17th – 19th.

A girl meets boy story. We sit with two strangers in extreme circumstances and follow them through the emotional journey of getting to know each other professionally falling in LIKE then in LOVE. We leave the audience to pontificate about the great unknown adventure ahead.

We are looking forward to screening all the DANCE work presented this year. If you are anywhere around Boone, NC… come join us and immerse yourself in 3 days of diverse & provocative Choreography for FILM!

 I enjoyed watching the dancers both slip between presentational “performance” and then the genuine grins and eye contact.

Neil Ellis Orts, Writer & Performer

 Really fun seeing this film— there was a kinda Ozzie & Harriet in space thing going on.

Misha Penton, Artist & Photographer

MBM 2019 Trailer from cara hagan on Vimeo.

Schedule at a glance:

Thursday, October 17th at 7pm

Parallel Universes – a collection of films that reimagine our world, or introduce us to new ones.
57 minutes.

  • Time Subjectives in Objective Time, by Kat Kallio
  • Reverie of the Puppets, by Kathy Rose
  • Bloom, by Yelena Konetchy
  • The Maestro, by Juel D. Lane
  • Groggy Grugg, by Conor C. Long
  • Seuls Ensemble (Alone Together), by Jennifer Scully-Thurston
  • Clonal Renderings, by Peter Sparling
  • Vestiges, by Mary Fitzgerald
  • Unfolding, by Dylan Wilbur
Thursday, October 17th at 8:30pm 

Student Films – dance films by students in undergraduate and graduate programs of study. 1 hour, 20 minutes.

  • En Acuerdo, by Maya Billig
  • Blind, by Katariina Räty
  • Cohort 707, by Lawrence Fung
  • MINE, by Sasha Chudacoff
  • Spectra, by Stephanie Scheubeck
  • Control, by Júlia Garedo
  • Encounter, by Isabel Filkins
  • Piñata by LROD y Artistas, by Laura Rodriguez
  • Lacuna, by Coal Rietenbach
  • Death is her Sister, by Jade Salzano
  • Bench Impression, by Hannah Haines
  • Unspoken, by Mor Jessica Mizrachi
  • Chase the Flying Hours, by Annalisa Ledson and Jamie Watkins
Friday, October 18th at 7pm

La Chana – Feature Film.
1 hour, 22 minutes.

Friday, October 18th at 8:30pm 

This is Who We Are – films that make a statement.
50 minutes.

  • The Field, by Holly Wilder
  • Us, by Jordan James Bridge
  • Apariciones/Apparitions, by Marina Magalhaes
  • Black Man in America, by Justina Grayman
  • Unspoken Spoken, by Fin Walker, Ross McGibbon, and Ben Park
Saturday, October 19th at 7pm 

Something for Everyone  – a mixed bag of every flavor.
1 hour, 9 minutes.

  • Your Wake, by Michelle Bernier and Ana Baer
  • The Storm, by Chafic Saad and Evie Ladin
  • But First, by Erin Brown Thomas
  • Carriage, by Ori Lenkinski and Rachel Erdos
  • Mother of All Time, by P. Sam Kessie and Lane M. Wooder
  • Aquarium, by Hannah Hamalian
  • Tumult, by Marta Renzi
  • every. single. one. (karuna), by Cherie Sampson
  • We Are Here, by Sima Gonsai
  • Humana, by Paulina Rutman
  • I Am Blessed, by Hannah Darrah
  • So Say All of Us, by Mitchell Rose
Saturday, October 19th at 8:30pm

A Trip Around the World – dance films featuring and inspired by dancers and dances from around the world.
1 hour, 22 minutes.

  • Atena, by Mark Freeman
  • Bhairava, by Marlene Millar and Philip Szporer
  • The Walls of Limerick, by Arturo Bandinelli
  • Get Riel, by Will Barnard and Moira Rowan
  • In the House of my Mother, by Joan Wagman
  • Isla III, by Natalia Barua and Owa Barua
  • Quiet Emotions, by Teemu Kyytinen

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