No Games No Fowl, TOP 10 in DMOFF this week

Thanks to our supporteers, Family and Friends, The Rogue Dancer Production’s Fantasy Film No Games No Fowl has been rated as one of the Top 10 most viewed films of the week on Direct Monthly Online Film Festival for the 40th week of 2019!

Direct Monthly Online Film Festival.

Congratulation! To all involved in this wonderful project. Credits Below

There will be one competition. This Competition is only for public listed films. They will present Certificate to the highest rated Film and badges to all nine top-rated films. The competition is based on the most viewed, liked and shared films of the week.

So if you have a spare 23 minutes, maybe while you are drinking your morning coffee, eating lunch OR on the treadmill, please go and watch HERE No Games No Fowl

Dance for film project about the unexpected twists in life and the transformations that ensue as we follow the journey of a couple of little winged creatures through some strange earthly scenarios.

There are 2 other Rogue Dancer Films available this month on DMOFF this month.

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A movement and film exploration of unconscious dysfunctional behaviors. Things we due under extreme duress when others make us feel like we are no more important than the wallpaper.

Wallpapers… forced me to redefine all of my above reservations. The use of effects is absolutely organic. Each cut is motivated and works as an extension of the onscreen dancers’ phrases. The collaborative energy between the dance ensemble, choreographer Jennifer Tarrazi-Scully, and filmmaker Jeff Roll is palpable.

– Evan O’Sullivan, writer, producer O’Television Productions

This is a one minute dance film interpretation of a woman experiencing the confusing and schizophrenic nature of loss.  Confronting many versions of herself and the beginning of healing process.

“The interplay between performer and place, allusion to unfreedom suggested by the freedom of the dance which gives the film an unexpected depth and poignancy.”

– Jess Loveland, Head of BFI NETWORK, Depict 2019 Jury

Best Performance Art 180 Award @ Avalonia Festival III.

After the Reign: Confusion is a wonderful display of intensity and emotion

– Avalonia Festival Director Mike Messier 2018

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Director & Executive Producer – Jennifer Scully-Thurston

Cinematographer – Neil Fried

Choreography in collaboration with Dance Artists – Jennifer Scully-Thurston

Dance Artists – Dee Dee Chmielewski, Elizabeth Geiger, Terry Hollis, Noelle Kayser, Hazel McLester, Stella McLester, Kristin O’Neal, Onur Topal-Sumer, Jennifer Scully-Thurston & Nadya Zeitlin

Costume Director – Dee Dee Chmielewski

Story Board Artist and Logo Design – Robert H. Epps

Master Editor – Dustin Travis Glasco

Visual Artist – Lou Horton

Set Designer– Susanna M. Green

Production Team – Michael Fletcher, Elizabeth Geiger

“No Games No Fowl” Soundtrack

Composer – Christopher Scully-Thurston

Engineered & Mastered – Jay Booth at Koi Studio, Raleigh, NC

Performed & Produced – Scully-Thurston/ Booth

CC 2015 HyMettus Woods

Special thanks goes to Sue Schroeder & Rose Caudle from Coredance, Priscilla Smith from EYEDRUM, The Reds and The Bump.

Genre – Dance, Fantasy, Short, Musical, Post-Apocalyptic

Duration – 23 minutes 29 seconds

Country – United States

Language – English

Year – 2019


Official Selection October 2019

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