Fantasy Dance Film, No Games No Fowl, is back in the screening room

The Rogue Dancer Production No Games No Fowl has stepped out of a brick and mortar venue and is having its streaming debut this week on Direct Monthly Online Film Festival.

Do you have 23 and 1/2 min. to spare.? We believe that DANCE is a great date night activity, if so, grab your Popcorn or Crudités, No Games No Fowl is available on the festival website for online screening, Please visit the movie link HERE

If you would like to view the other wonderful films available this month, visit the Direct Monthly Online Film Festival page.

Dance for film project about the unexpected twists in life and the transformations that ensue as we follow the journey of a couple of little winged creatures through some strange earthly scenarios.

Director & Executive Producer – Jennifer Scully-Thurston

Cinematographer – Neil Fried

Choreography in collaboration with Dance Artists – Jennifer Scully-Thurston

Dance Artists – Dee Dee Chmielewski, Elizabeth Geiger, Terry Hollis, Noelle Kayser, Hazel McLester, Stella McLester, Kristin O’Neal, Onur Topal-Sumer, Jennifer Scully-Thurston & Nadya Zeitlin

Costume Director – Dee Dee Chmielewski

Story Board Artist and Logo Design – Robert H. Epps

Master Editor – Dustin Travis Glasco

Visual Artist – Lou Horton

Set Designer– Susanna M. Green

Production Team – Michael Fletcher, Elizabeth Geiger

“No Games No Fowl” Soundtrack

Composer – Christopher Scully-Thurston

Engineered & Mastered – Jay Booth at Koi Studio, Raleigh, NC

Performed & Produced – Scully-Thurston/ Booth

CC 2015 HyMettus Woods

Special thanks goes to Sue Schroeder & Rose Caudle from Coredance, Priscilla Smith from EYEDRUM, The Reds and The Bump.

Genre – Dance, Fantasy, Short, Musical, Post-Apocalyptic

Duration – 23 minutes 29 seconds

Country – United States

Language – English

Year – 2019


Official Selection October 2019

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