Experience Fusion By Jennifer Tarrazi-Scully

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Paul Taylor Dance Company By Jennifer Tarrazi-Scully

The best way to describe the overall feel of this work is to say it was like watching a jazzy, modern interpretation of a WWII movie. It was funny and glamorous like old Hollywood, complete with teenagers flirting in a soda shop, but the sad reality of soldiers at war was always looming in the background. Continue reading Paul Taylor Dance Company By Jennifer Tarrazi-Scully

Atlanta Ballet’s Big Secret By Jennifer Tarrazi-Scully 

Tuesday morning I ran from my gig teaching the kiddies, moved like a snail through notorious Atlanta traffic, to get to Georgia Public Broadcasting for the unveiling of Atlanta Ballet’s newest secret. They have commissioned some big wig, international choreographer … Continue reading Atlanta Ballet’s Big Secret By Jennifer Tarrazi-Scully 

Doug Varone By Jennifer Tarrazi-Scully



I am proud to say that I am a self-proclaimed performance junkie.  From TV to movies to theater, I love to watch performers perfecting their craft and making interesting and creative choices to get their point across.  Convey a message, create a mood and evoke an emotion.  The genre of art that really tugs at my heart-strings, the one I have the most affection for and opinion about, is modern dance.  I’ve seen too many good modern choreographers fall by the wayside and lose themselves to convention.  I get it though, “…it’s hard out here for a…” modern dancer and a girl’s gotta eat.

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STOMP Review By Jennifer Tarrazi-Scully 



The Smash hit STOMP hits the Fabulous Fox Theater March 2nd – 6th.  This production, originally created by Luke Cresswell and Steve McNichols, is comprised of performers (dancers and musicians) who use movement along with everyday objects to create mesmerizing rhythms and breathtaking choreography.  The objects include brooms, trash cans, lighters, sinks, trash bags and sand to name a few.   It is a super cool show, appropriate for audience members of all ages.

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